How are grades determined after a fight?


Is there a quantative way that the computer determines how you end up with grades for offense, defense and technique? I’m thinking that defense is probably the amount of health you have at the end of each round, offense is amount of time left on the timer after your win (?), and technique is how many specials, ultras and supers you hit.

Apologies if this has already been asked, but I’ve been looking at those grades forever and always wondered how I’d end up with them.


By the level of salt in the match.


I really wouldn’t be surprised if it was something simple like ratio of moves used to moves hit for attack, moves opponents used to moves that opponent did not get blocked/teched for def. Technique… that one is a bit harder to tell.


Well like, I guess it for offense and defense, I’ll assume it grades it by how often you hit and by how often you block,counter,etc.
Technique is probably your combos.


I like when I get a ranking of “BED” after playing into the wee hours and start to really stink it up. It’s the games way of telling me I’m too tired to be playing.