How are happ competition sticks?

How are they? I’ve only used P360’s so I don’t even know what a competition stick feels like…

search button. look in the essential joystick thread for my Happ FAQ

or they used to be.

I used Happ Comps on a ST cab that we had at my old work and I loved them, but then I bought one for my custom stick and I really don’t like it. I dunno if they have gone down in quality in recent years, but like the above post I can’t hit the diagonals a lot of the time to save my life. I like the clicky feel of them though.

That’s one thing to check with the Happ versions. I’ve seen a couple that don’t hit diags well at all.

Happ seems to be improving them though. My last 2 orders of black comp sticks from happ have been golden. Keeping my fingers crossed

Ed, have they moved in a circular fashion like the Comp sticks of old?