How are my combos being interupted?

I’m not even talking about missing links. I’m doing things that I thought were just guaranteed combos. I’m playing as Akuma and I jump in on a stunned Rufus with HK into HP and then tatsu, but after the j.HK hits and my fist is out from the HP he mashes out an ultra. What could I have possibly done wrong here?

do the hp quicker

Do a mildly deep jump-in at least… jesus… You need to really mistime it to miss a st.HP

Either the isn’t deep enough or you are missing the timing on the hp. I think it’s the former.

There’s no such thing as guaranteed if you’re mashing it. gives a certain amount of hitstun. If you deduct both the frames it takes for you to land, and the startup frames from cl.fierce, you can clearly see that it’s possible to miss it. If you have a window of around 10 frames to hit it (an example of a pretty large window), and you mash HP before landing, then you can miss it easily. 10 frames are ~0,16 seconds. That’s the amount of time it takes for your mashing finger to lift off from the button and land again on it.

If you’re not mashing, then you just missed the window. It’s a big window, but it can be missed.

Because you’re playing online, dropping combos and people mash ultras because randoms are scrubby.


Shit, give it time and somebody will make a video where EVERYTHING can be interrupted after the first hit.

I’m pretty sure I know what the OP is talking about. It’s a glitch. Stunned Rufus is really weird. Sometimes, Rufus will stand up and have the dizzies, but he will actually be invincible for the first few frames where he should actually be standing.

And also (what the OP is talking about), Rufus will sometimes take one hit (usually from a jump in attack) but then become invincible for a small time.

Rufus is stupid. :arazz:

I suggest doing a lvl 3 Focus Attack if you have Rufus stunned. I have not experienced this glitch off of a crumple.

It’s probably just his hitstun animation being wierd.

Probably also hitting c.HP. Takes a bit longer, and if you aren’t timing it right…well there you go.