How are the Street Fighter players finding Marvel?

My biggest problem is utilising assists effectively which, given the characters I want to play is a pretty big deal. I’m guessing this is quite common for players used to 1v1 fighters.

Players either bring out assists constantly and get them mashed or just forget they even have an assist button (my problem). When I get flustered my use of assists just stop. This is quote a common problem I think, a lot of players seem to be having more success with characters that don’t heavily rely on support and can hold their own, effectively being played as a SF character (the Dante’s, Akuma’s, Wolverine etc.)

I don’t want to resort to this, if I wanted that I’d play SF.

I’m trying to train myself to press the assist button like it was any other attack button and at a time I feel like I have the advantage so to keep them relatively safe. So, instead of thinking I’m going to do a block string and then bring out my assist, I’d try and just think A, B, C, A1 Special. Or I’ll do a jump in attack and hit both C+A1. This is really helping but what REALLY screws with my brain is non-point characters swapping places in the 2nd and 3rd slot because of switching, hate having to try and keep track who’s currently on which assist button (getting the wrong DHC as well irritates also). If I’m character A, why can’t A1 ALWAYS be character B??

Anyway I digress. Any comments from other 1v1 players just getting into Marvel or maybe advice from those who are experienced.

for me it feels like

L M H S, L M H S - extend air combo or stop if u have no otg assist
L M H S, L M H S, OTG assist, Ultra

idk what i can do else online… everyone just mashin some buttons, i cant even block if i want to block… i just get fucked up

The one thing that’s not ‘Street Fighter’ that I did force myself to learn was pushblock, that saves my ass SO much (just don’t do it too early, wait for visual confirmation)

This is quite surprising seeing as when I picked up BlazBlue I didn’t use my barrier at all, it’s really hard to make yourself use mechanics that aren’t in the game you’re used to playing (i.e SF).

If you crouch tech’d in SFIV, advancing guard should be second nature.

Of all the other fighting games I’ve played, I feel like Street Fighter has transferred the fewest useful skills over to MvC3. BlazBlue and Arcana Heart have probably helped the most.

I’ve been having the same problem as you with never calling assists. I also rarely tag or DHC unless I’m about to lose a character (partially because I’ve only found one character that I really like and am comfortable with so far). I do occasionally call my assists now, but only with specific set-ups that I’ve practiced. To get used to knowing when and how to call assists will just take experience, I think. However, since you do have to select your assists before battle, you should think about why you are choosing each one and what kind of situations you might want to use them. Learn to recognize those situations during battle.

To get used to actually pressing the button correctly, I don’t think you should think of it as another attack button because it functions rather differently. For one thing, you always have to pay attention to your team order and assist selections when calling assists (or any other team-related action). Otherwise, you’re going to screw up whenever your team gets shuffled or when you change your team. The timing of the button press might also vary depending on your assists, since some come out much faster or slower than others. One thing you can do is go into training mode and try doing the same set-up with a lot of different assists (I’ve been doing this anyway because I’m trying to figure out my team). This should help you get used to watching your team members and order before pressing the button.

This game is way different than street fighter. The object of mvc3 is: don’t get touched by anything or you die. Street fighter is: don’t jump.

that’s the most common mistake I see
Nobody wants to start a new game being a noob at it, everybody wants to play like they did in their other game so they wont start from zero.

i’ve just moved house so i’ve not put much time into it but im trying to get my head round my characters one at a time in mission/training mode as well as trying to use them as a team in ranked or lobbies. give me a shout if you fancy a few sometime, pretty sure i’ve played you on sf before.


I was losing ALL the time lol. I was having issues with knowing when to use assists too, as well as remembering combos during matches. Game was jarring me in a big way, but I kept coming back for more and fighting guys on my list who knew what they were doing.

Now I’m a little bit better. I generally call out assists to cover me when I’m dashing or when I do an unsafe string like LMHS and don’t just call them out whenever. When it comes to remembering your tagouts when they get shuffled about, I just remember that the character I tagged in takes the other character’s place in the slot so they become the assist. Like Grammar said, just spend some time in training shuffling your chars about and getting used to the order. Getting slightly used to the pace as well. When it comes to keeping track of your characters when they tag, yeah, I was having that issue too lol. Now I’m a bit better, but having some issues blocking against certain chars in X-Factor, like Chun who just zip all over the place.

Online, have to stick to using the proper basic combos because online loves to interfere with more difficult combos. Overall, the game’s really fun for me, but only if I’m winning haha.

This is one of the best things i’ve seen. Yes those assist ARE OTHER ATTACK OPTIONS. A lot of the new players get overwhelmed and think its spam. (hate that word its for emails and meat) Cutting off mobility is a HUGE FACTOR in mvc3. Control air and ground and YOU have the options to do what YOU WANT. When that enemy is jumping at you, you dont just have to stand there, you dont have to just block, nor do you even have to try and attack them. If you got an assist that can shut them out by all means do it!

For all the people coming from things other than the versus series I regurgitate this guys advice…


Im in no way held responsible for assist getting destroyed because you only pressed the assist button. Its just another “attack button” to utilize in attacks, and in combos or holding ground. Press at your own risk…just know im pressin mine!

Difficult coming from SF4 until I started playing a zoning/runaway team.

I tried playing the game SF4 rush down style at first but I just got my ass handed to me. I;m gonna stick to zoning until I get better at the game.

As a SSFIV player, I feel completely lost in MVC3. But it’s still fun, I’m learning.

I hate assist and I hate combos. At the same time, it’s still better because at the very least you have a lot of projectiles flying in the air instead of a wack job walking backwards with nothing to do about it.

This is my first vs series game, and for the most part I like it. My gripe is the numerous amounts of “lame” keep away or sent teams. I stopped playing ranked due to this. It has been a bit of a struggle but I have basic bnb’s combos, I’m just terrible at utilizing my assists.

I did play MvC2 but I’ve played a lot more SF.

I’m loving this game. SF4 just felt way too text book for me, it was very restricting.

I am a SSFIV addict and MvC3 is my first versus game since Capcom Vs SNK2 10 years ago. I never understood the concept of Marvel 2. However, I am loving Marvel THREE more every time I play. III is a complete blast! I will admit that I am not comfortable playing online yet. I have competed online a few times and have had my butt kicked every time. I need a few more weeks of online training before venturing back into the online MvC3 universe.

The hardest part for me, is finding the best button layout for MvC3.
The control scheme is so different from SSFIV in my eyes.


Assists are a huge problem in my game atm. it’s a risky thing to do, and it’s hard to identify when it’s risky. So alot of the time i end up getting my assists completely destroyed, and i use just one character for assists, my other two dont have great ones. Storm’s whirlwind kinda works against the rushdown game i wanna play cause it pushes them away from me, and x-23’s otg is good for hyper’s, but other than that, It’s a really weak assist.

Hshen-ko is what i’m going with and sometimes it can be a real pain in the ass to even activate her armor and tag her out, players who know what they are doing rush her down like crazy, and since i dont have reliable assists to cover her from a rushdown, it’s VERY hard to defend her at times, and sometimes they’ll snap her back in after i can get a tag out. It’s a great assist, but it has a pretty big glaring weakness if they can manage a snapout

The game was very easy for me to transfer over to, it is just a flashy version of SFIV really in my opinion. I know people are going to flame me but this game seems somewhat easier than SFIV to me. I just do generic combos that end in a hyper combo to win most of my matches.

I didn’t like SFIII or MVC2 after loving SFII, but MVC3 is amazing along with SFIV.

I noticed a lot of scrubs try to get a small lead, like 40,000 points of damage on my lead character, then they try to run away the rest of the 75 seconds to win a timeout…how scrubby is that? I haven’t lost to that so far, but it is annoying as hell. I have noticed a lot of people forget they have X-factor as well…thank god…

The biggest problem I’m having with the switch so far is that almost everytime I press a button because I feel that it’s the right choice, I get beat by whatever my opponent throws at me. The rules of SF just don’t apply so you gotta think differently by a lot. Other than that, I eat so many fullscreen hypers because I think it’s a good idea to backdash or airdash or call an assist and throw a projectile just because I think it’s a safe way to keep 'em away.