How are you finding Street Fighter 5 so far?

Hello guys I am well aware that we are still in the initial stage of SFV, however I would love to hear the experience from those who own a PS4, I am a PC gamer and still love my machine lol.
Anyway I would like to hear from you what needs to be added/remove or created in this game, as we all know we are the ones who play the games :wink:

Note: I am a wanna be YouTuber and would love to let everybody know my channel but I do not know if there is a rule hre where I am not allowed to past the url of my site someone please confirm if this is possible thanks in advance.

very carefully

Does that mean I can add my channel here?

Not to be a dick or anything, but nobody here is going to care about a random dudes youtube channel.

The fact that you have 2 posts on this forum, which are both in this thread, and they are both about your youtube channel basically screams that you’re just spamming.

If you want to see what people think about SF5 in general, there is a huge thread that is stickied to the top of the forum about general discussion.

You hit the nail right on the head with that one. The last thing the world needs is another “YouTuber” and “Blogger” especially one for fighting games that has no credibility in the genre.

This is right up there with people with 5 posts with those, “Hey guys, I’m making a fighting game with classic 2d sprites, what programs should I use?”.

Thanks for your honest answer dude.

Thanks, for your time in responding really appreciate.

The game needs Alex

Thanks guys for all the brutal true, I do not have a hard feeling besides you all have a long time in the forum I will take every single advises to heart again thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for being a good sport about it. If people here sound jaded it’s because we see this kind of thing pretty much weekly. Provide something insightful or interesting about the game and then post it to your channel and it should earn attention.

In your channel talk about the brutal truth of Alex needing to be in SFV

Thanks guys

I haven’t managed to find it in any stores yet, but I’ll be keeping an eye out.

Good in terms system mechanics, bad in terms of most of the characters they decided to put in, mediocre in terms of everything else.

why can’t more new posters be like this guy?

I like almost everything, only thing i don’t like is that i wish characters get more tricks/moves
I’ve the impression is going to be very solid but also get old quickly

It will be exciting to participate in the beta 2 now cross platform between PSN and PC, I will have to per-order the game, I hope to see all of you online guys.

Honestly after playing the latest beta Im not too impressed with Street Fighter 5. Combos are way too easy to do for the large amount of damage they do, game feels boring. Not sure I wanna swap out Mortal Kombat for this game on my stream for very long.

It looks amazing from what we know so far.
Gameplay-wise it’s excellent. I enjoy the mechanics of SFV way more than that of SF4 in all it’s iterations. So glad they toned down the ridiculous combo system. V-system looks HYPE. The roster is perfect. Love the new characters, all 4 of them. The graphics look gorgeous. The “All you need is one disc” is pretty awesome. Free DLC characters via igc is awesome as well.
Overall it looks fantastic, i just hope that the netcode is good.

Loving it. Amazing!