How are you finding Street Fighter 5 so far?

I really didn’t like the look of it at first but its really grown on me alot. Personally I can’t wait.

A bit too bare bones but a lot of fun to play.

I think the barebones/simple/basic comments are fair, but incomplete observations. When you consider the history of the franchise, first iterations tend to be barebones. A more important thing to consider is whether or not SF5 has a foundation strong enough so that it can grow to rival the greatest versions of its predecessors in the future. I think that is a resounding yes.

But as far as* first iterations* go, SF5 > SF2: WW/SF3:NG/SF4/SFA1/SF1 abso-fucking-lutely.

It’s not a combo/chain game like mortal kombat/guilty gear so it makes sense for them to be easy.

Winning comes more from outplaying your opponent as apposed to muscle memory.

I’d like to find MORE of it, live.

I love it. I prefer simple and more of mind games.

I’m not. It’s been 3 months. I have checked all over the place and nobody has it in stock. This game is harder to track down than the Wii at the height of it’s popularity.

I’m pretty excited for it. When I actually sit down and give it my attention, it’s pretty easy to watch. At first I was wondering if the game would actually be spectator friendly or not, since I’d often stop watching it after a few matches or so. That was just overthinking on my part, though. I think the game is going to be pretty fun and I’m ready for it.


Game is almost here

Good vibe from it, i also the impression that 1st DLC wave will make it truly awesome, add these 6 and the cast is incredible.

Can’t wait to see the 6 and know wave 2 names.

My only fear is that will not get enough $ support from DLC, i believe cheap fuckers will grind theyr ass days and days to not spend 1$

I wish Capcom find valuable invest on it for years, not just 1 or 2

Shouldn’t have to worry about that. They are making items that you can only purchase with Zenny aka real money.

I’m a cheap ghetto big mac eating mother fucker though and you best believe i will be getting my characters for free. Had to trade in my Xbone just to play the 1st beta lol. They said the characters shouldn’t take very long to grind for so I’m optimistic about the time frame for them.

I’ll care about SFV when I get a PC, but it LOOKS great, but I can’t say until I play it.

Didn’t they say they will support the game for 5-6 years?

I’ll be real though:
I fucking loved the game when it was high damage, high stun and amazing anti-airs and a couple of cool combos (talking mostly about Ryu here) like in beta 1.
Beta 2 and 3 pulled the brakes on my enthusiasm.

You should just play birdie…

He’s been level 9000 all three betas.

Mmmmmmmmmm I wouldn’t go that far.

Alpha 4, and some sf3 in it. So yeah… it’s a nice gameeeeeee.

I like it so far, but I feel its missing something, I can’t point what’s missing but I just feel it needs something. The thing I don’t like much about the game so far is that the stages are a bit too big, I would love if they shorten it by 1 quarter of its current size.

This type of thought always boggles my mind. Mind games, footsies, zoning, adapting, predicting, and strategies dont matter at all. JUST GIMMIE LONG DUMB COMBOS!!!

I never understood this and never will.

I’m not swimming in gold too, lol, buy first home is like have a vampire fucking your account :frowning:
But you know what i mean, most of poor nextgen-PS4 owners and peoples with pc decent enough to make SFV run… large majority of them can buy stuff without sacrifice, but they will die by grinding before spent 1$ they can not spend

Then they will spend 60 on some trash new game lol

Plus consider that DLC money will probably be mostly only on ps4 side, pc owners will likely get free mods

They may “support” it for 5-6 years, but what they mean with this?

It will awesome get 5-6 years of contents good as DLC 1st wave, total new characters, awesome stages and cool shit

But this will happen if they see money and keep see money during years

If you see SF4 they keep investing serious $$$ until SSF4, then they gone cheap

Tbh i take 3-4 years of quality support over 5-6 of cheapness, and all depend on how is profitable for them in the long run

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