How are you supposed to use Akuma in COTA?

Okay I have some experience with COTA on PSX, when it first came out, and I remember some stuff, but I NEVER got to use Akuma in it, always tried the arcade code, and it never worked. Found out over 10 years later the code is different.

So, anyway, I’m messing with the arcade version and I was messing around with him. I see some damaging combos if you do reverse magic series or mixed , and the air fireball is good. Dashing combos are very meaty. And Super SRK is a GREAT counter. I used to hear how the dive kick was sooo “broken” and I’m not seeing it, angle is wack, 3 hits, and he can get hit on the bounce recovery. I also know in COTA that characters have to have a “natural” pop up, and Akuma’s C.FP is not it, does he have one, or do I have to always catch them in the air? Also what is that Alpha Counter looking attack?

Whats good with COTA Akuma?

I have a good understanding of him, but I was never able to use him when this game mattered. I may already know what I need to know in the 5 or so matches I played.