How Bad Are You?

I’m currently 4W 20L on ranked right now. :lame:

Beat that.:cool:

EDIT ---- 8/24 9:21PM - 6W 28L

well i am not doing as bad i usually go to training mode and player match more then anything.

I say around 10-12 W and 55 or more L’s (Honestly I’ve lost count of my losses)

0-4! HOLD DAT!!!

i only lost like twice so far, but thats mostly because the majority of the people playing are playing it like its sf4 and nothing is working for thm. Oh how I love you, 3soe.

That being said, im by no means good at 3s. I just know the general idea

I’ve just been in training mode, parrying fullscreen jab fireballs like a boss. Anybody who tries that against me online is in for a world of hurt. :sunglasses:

I am this bad.


It went from 26 - 12 to 29 - 26. After I got lagged out a win I fucking lost it.

I’m alright.

I’m making myself sad. I’m losing to shit I already know how to beat. I’m at 5-19. D:

Best way to up your 3S self-confidence is to blame it on the lag.

I can’t beat arcade mode with ken

to be fair gill is kinda of a dick even on 1*

I don’t see a difference in arcade difficulty between 1-4 stars lol

I beat Gill today with Ken. I pretty much tatsu’d my way to victory. Using Gill is the best way to beat the game. With him, I didn’t lose one round…using Sephortic Wings (sp?) up until the last couple fights. That super is so OP, it’s awesome…I’ve seen it hit and take away 3 /4 health. With the last few fights, I keep the bar maxed incase I die, I can rez :smiley: :d::hk:, is the best way to build up meter with Gill…fyi.

I haven’t tried on 360 but on PS2 Gill would let me walk up SPD over and over.

I haven’t gotten to Gill yet I’m stuck on like the 5th stage LOL

You’ve got balls. btw.
Also use a lot more normals.

I’m SO bad. :cool:

Lets put it this way, I’ve only won with Gill:oops:

Haven’t played this against decent folks for some time and it shows.

-I jump too much
-I spam the wrong pokes
-I keep jumping over fireballs when I should be parrying them
-I super jump cancel the wrong way at times

just went 4-20 in a set

my parrying is terrible, I’ve lost all touch with it. No reason I should be getting hit with projectile spam