How bad does chun own dudley (IN AMERICA)?

topic says it all, this is really a hot issue in the 3s world and i think we shoud try to settle it here.

bust up

zomg but in a world where parries exist and throws and stuff it’s not really impossible for any character. Like it’s all the player you know? a good dudley will beat a bad chun any day of the week. You tier whores are all the same claiming your tiers because you have fiers… (get it like fears). Just play the game and you can win against any world person like sean or even dudley no matter how afraid you are of chun you know what i mean?

Well, when I play my buddies who turtle like shit and then pull out fp or b+fp, I get pretty hurt really bad, but then there is that thing called parrying that can save one’s ass. So if you’re a scrub using Dudley and don’t know how to parry, I think you can easily say that Chun will own Dudley really badly. Thank god none of us are huge ass scrubs in this forum…right? :confused:

lol irl

It’s a tough match for Dudley from what I’ve seen.
Watching Wong VS Kokujin from last year’s EVO, Kokujin struggles like hell to stay on her. If she lands an SAII during the round, he usually loses, and he can’t go for as many low FK’s because if he misses, she gets a free SAII. Also, her C. MK beats his low jab which makes poking even less fun for him.

if you get the spanking room corner rape…it’s even lol, if not just turtle back actively, i mean don’t just let her get bar, it’s a fun match to paly to me. i like beating the whore, esp. if someone just plays like cheese.

EXACTLY, games are all about fun and when you have a beating your c.jab repeatedly, i mean… how fun is that!

I would say its 7-3. This is my toughest matchup by far. That stupid c.jab is frustrating for tick throws, and it recovers fast enough to block if you SSB. Since Dudley’s footsie game is already kinda weak, her is on point. Also, if you try c.rh x ex mgb while shes crouching, it wont hit, and gives her a free whatever after block. It’s tough as hell, but at least it’s GG once you get her in the corner.

I say about 7.5- 2.5.

While Dudley can put a mind job on Dudley on Chun when/if he gets inside…

Thing is Chun doesn’t have to let him get there. C. MK/ B.FP/ S.FP all are very dominant on him…

He can’t really jump in b/c of B.FPxxx lightning legs. Even if parried, chun’s left even.

And Chun’s reversal, EX SBK, is much safer to a blocking dudley due to his height. So he has to worry about that when he DOES manage to get in.

Stole the words from my mouth.

I voted for 7-3 a long time ago and I still think so. In the arcadia chart from Japan, they had this matchup as 5-5; I have no idea why they would feel that way. The players that provided the data were all great too. I believe Kokujin was one of them.

Why did FMJag specify America? The characters have the same tools everywhere.

I think it might have to do with how bad corner games are when Chun is there. It’s not that easy to get Chun in the corner, but it’s usually a matter of if you can get the hit off. Generally, if Duds can land a move on Chun, she will generally be cornered. She gets up slow so a Duds can dash up on her on wakeup, plus any EX MGB will mean cornered Chun.

In the corner, I think the matchup swings really hard in Dud’s favor. There’s not much Chun can do against Duds on wakeup in my experience. She has to typically guess between eating Overhead -> Super (either UOH or his damn f+HK bullshit, lol), and 5 sweeps to the legs ending with another Super. EX SBK is good, but risky… If you fuck it up, eat a super/knockdown which subjects you to his mixups. EX Lightning Legs gets stuffed randomly by some weird shit, so usually as Chun you gotta just block and wait for an opening, which can be hard with all the threats coming at you…

c.LK, Super…
UOH Super…
f+HK Super
Multi sweep -> Super
Backswing -> Super / Mixup
Throw Mixups

And add a rose to meaty you into blockstun, coupled with Chun’s slow getup. I dunno, I guess at the level that Kokujin and them play at, getting Chun’s into the corner isn’t so bad, and that’s when the rape begins.

Chun s.strong

Chun owns dudley… It’s honestly that simple. Her cr. mp lands on anything dudley does, from the right range (include corkscrew) Also… her cr. mk can land on corkscrew, seriously, wtf. Ok parrying can allow you an advantage, but fuckin shit, chun can parry, did we forget about that? So basically what it comes down to, is if your better with dudley then your opponent is with chun. Granted, yes, you can win in such the situation. But dudley owns chun, why are we even disgussing this. It takes a lot out of me to beat any semi decent chun.

To put it simply for everyone:

Dudley’s strongest attacks are standing attacks. This is fact. Chun owns all dudley’s st. attacks. Sometimes, i repeat SOMETIMES st. rh can beat a chun st. attack, and you can link it to ex machine. But that is all you got dudley! Everying chun has for cr. attacks, beats dudley. If you really want to, you can just do cr. attacks and throws and just beat dudley on mere pokes.

As far as cornering with dudley, ok; this is the one time dudley might be able to catch up, or take advantage. I’d say as long as the chun cr. blocks, nothing terrible will happen. It’s risky to go for a over f. rh to super, its not easy to do, its more or less easy to read, if fucked up, or parried, say hello to an sa 2! No matter how you look at it, chun will always have the upper hand.

Chun’s… be defensive! Its hard to get in with dudley. Build that meter, eventually dud will get impatient and go for a st. poke, BOOM! cr. mk super, just keep throwing it out there from time to time and buffer for hit confirmation.

This will work, even if dud parries(which is hard as goddamn shit) you can still cancel to sa!

I play dudley, and i’m sorry to say, Chun rocks dudley unless you are a mediocre player.

To further prove my point…

Chun can cancel a parried st. b. Fp to super w/out fail, so jumpin in with dudley sucks. If you don’t wanna do that chuns, just dash under the jump and cr. mk to super.

I might have been wrong about the parried cr. mk to super, but dudley can’t do much about a parried cr. mk. He’s out of range for anything worth getting supered over in most situations. And if he is close enough to parry into something damaging, he shoudn’t be risking a parry. I’d say uoh or block that shit. How is it even worth it.

Plus we mentioned how throws can even it up, but chun’s kara owns dudley fuck’n all over the place man, so you talk about parries and throws evening it out, but chun still owns dud in that respect.

Is this a troll thread?

Well i voted 7-3. I think dudley would have a harder times because dudley has to be very in with chun in order to get some attacks in…and when dudley tries to dash inward for all his attacks i either palm or…as for me playing dudley is far one of my favorite matches next to makoto.

Good dudleys… i’d say 6-4

dudley has far too many options in the corner lol