How BAD is my lag?

I get so FRUSTRATED online. I dont want to blame lag,but yet here I am. Im at my wits end. Most matches I have on SSFIV AE basically I have lag because I cant O/S throw tech, I cant frame trap, I cant do safe jumps. When I see a tick throw coming a mile away, I block the jab and go for the O/S tech and I get thrown. I cant get over the fact that my tech didnt come out and before I know, im ate another combo and im done.

Not to mention that most matches there is a 2 second freeze somewhere in the match and its always my connection. Ugh. Then I start to get frustrated and before I know it im not having fun. Im just trying to play my damn game but im battling lag more then my opponent.

I had to vent, I know this sounds foolish but Ive had enough. HOW BAD IS LAG ONLINE? IS IT ME? Do others have similar experiences?

maybe you just suck?

Never go online with looking for an offline experience. No matter how good the connection/signal it’ll never mimic offline play…never. So if you’ll keep that in mind your problems will go away.

You must be playing on PS3 #Kappa

I blame lag for my techs. yup.

Lag sucks for me on SS4 so I don’t play online anymore. Interestingly enough, it was plenty good during SF4 vanilla, but since Super it’s never been the same. /shrug

Yeah it happens. On PC it’s usually alright, but when it lags it’s my end because I got a brother who enjoys streaming videos when I play…

The newbie dojo is your place to come ask for game play advice. It is not your place to come to vent.