How bad is the input lag on my Panasonic TX-26LXD70 TV?


These are the best technical details I’ve been able to find and they don’t help me in discovering how bad the input lag is for my TV

I’m trying to perform combos on SSF4AE2012 which rely on my inputs being precise. I know it’s a poor workman that blames his tools but input lag on certain monitors/TVs is a real thing. With your help I would like to rule that out. Many thanks.


A friend on Facebook was able to source this:

Assuming the website data is accurate, is 8ms an acceptable amount of display input lag?
Should I be looking to replace my TV for SSF4AE2012?

I really want to start nailing my combos in training and I’m wondering if this may be holding me back. Thanks in advance.


Response time is not the same thing as lag.

As flat screens go, 8ms of lag would be quite good.


So my tv listed has 8ms of response time. Is that good or bad?
Bottom line, do I need to change my TV?


You should give this thread a good read:


If you want to test input lag yourself, it’s quite simple. Get a computer with internet access and run this site
From that computer, get a cable that goes from the video/VGA out or whatever and splits into two. Run one cable to a CRT and one to your TV.
Get a camera with a high shutter speed and take a photo when the timer is running on both screens. The difference in time between the two is the amount of lag your LCD has.


This is interesting, how do I know if I have good or bad response on my tft??, is 00.017 ms considered acceptable?? if not what would be the fastest or at least tolerable speed for


17 ms is 1 ms over 1 frame of input lag. Anything around 16 ms is good for a flat panel.


Nice work man. Maybe you could repeat the test a few times to make sure the time is consistent and then post your findings in the lag thread? 17 ms certainly isn’t bad. I’ve heard some LCD TVs have like 50+


I think my TFT is already listed there, it’s an Asus VS247H-P.