How bad is the KOF 98 UM netcode?

Just curious, because I’m considering picking up a 360 for this, KOF XII, KOF 02 UM, Castle Crashers, and the upcoming Splatterhouse remake. But I have to know how bad/good the netcode is. On a scale of 1-10, how is it? I’m not expecting to GGPO or 2DF, but is it comparable to at least Kaillera?

kaillera? yea its comparable to kaillera. make sure your ports are forwarded for xbl

I played three different people all with ping betwen 60-90. Input delay was ridiculous, completely changed the gameplay making most normal tactics and strategy unviable. I’d say it’s much worse than Kaillera in my experience.

IMO it’s just like all online fighting games: sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s very bad. The thing is to check people’s MS before you start the match, try to get it well below 100, then sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad. Wish more people played it though. Question: is there any big offline tournys where it’s more KoF based than SF based?

I don’t think that many people plays it either that or I don’t have luck finding matches

this game is good but online netcode is terrible, snk please fix it.

I’ve found that if I play someone with a ping under 100 it is AWFUL. If I play someone over 100 but under 150 it is pretty playable. Makes no sense.