How bad is your vision without glasses/contact/surgery? It can't be worse than

Mine. Just came from the eye doctor and I asked him what my vision was without contacts…

The Invincible Swordsman - So what’s my vision at? I can’t remember what it was last time. I think it was 20/140 or something like that.

Doctor - O_O

TIS - What?

Doctor - Let’s put it this way… the worst I’ve ever seen was 20/400. Yours is just like that except you can see well in close.

TIS - 20/400?

Doctor - Pretty much.

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

So basically, I can’t see anything but a blur farther than my own outstretched hand.

Shoulda ate your carrots as a youngin.

I did eat carrots. And peas. And all my veggies. I think it was all the TV I used to watch… when I’d sit 4 inches from the screen.

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

That… or somewhere there are kittens masturbating.

its pretty bad.

i cant even read giant text about 4 feet from my 36 inch screen tv without my glasses

I wear contacts.

I can read the letter E on the chart. I know from memorization that the next few letters are F, P, T, O and Z. I don’t know if I can actually read the third row and down.

mine was -5.00 and -5.75 on the diopters. not horrible, but sure as hell not good. i had lasik last week and now i’m pretty much 20/20

my prescription was -7.5 before I got lasik.

my outstretched hand is blurry.
So basically, i can only see 1 foot in front of me clearly.

Old man vision FTL :frowning:

I have the eyes of a hawk. Praise me.

Anything several inches from my face is blurry.

Anyone here that’s met me knows I wear glasses, and the above statement is how bad it is for me without them. lol

If I wear glasses often, which I have been doing for the past 2.5 years or so, my vision is a little blurry without them.

I’ve always had great vision, but wearing glasses makes it worse. I got the glasses so I could do a 10 hour drive without stopping (and for reading for extended periods) because if I stare at something for more than a few hours, my vision goes blurry.

For some reason afterwards, I continued to wear them. Now, if I don’t put them on my vision isn’t as good. It’s. . .weird.

If I go a few days without depending on them, my vision will be fine again.

The last time the doctor told me what my vision was in terms of 20/x was when I was a teenager (I’m 23 now), and back then it was already 20/400, and I’ve gotten a couple new prescriptions since then. 20/450, 20/500? My guess is somewhere along those lines.

Basically, without glasses or contacts I can only see by contrast. If someone puts giant white letters on a black wall 10 feet from me, I might be able to make them out, but if someone asks how many fingers he’s holding up but puts his other hand behind that hand so I can’t find a color contrast, then even if it’s a couple feet away I won’t be able to make it out.

i’ve always wondered if you can “train” your vision to get better

i wear glasses

my vision is awful

i hate glasses


I’m making great progress towards legal blindness.

I need me some damn Lasik but it’s too rich for me at the moment =\

-6.25 both sides. I’m not going to get LASIK, though.

Same here.

Everyone in my family has superb vision…got lucky I guess.

Hmm…I just got my contact last week. That’s right…just one.

My left eye is 20/15, and my right eye is 20/60 with astigmatism.

I got crazy vision… so crazy some might even call it X-RAY.