How bad is your vision without glasses/contact/surgery? It can't be worse than

-3.50 on my left and -4.00 on my right, bleh …

Man, I could NEVER understand how people could not need corrective lenses. My dad is 62 and barely ever wears his glasses. I think it’s strange that people maintain perfect vision for so long o_O

I didn’t start wearing glasses til I was in 10th grade. I hated wearing them and never wore them except for when I drove at night, but now I have contacts and wear them every day and feel awkward as all hell without them. My vision is only -1.75 and -2.00 in each eye, but that’s a whole… number down from what they were a year or two ago. It scares me that it’s only gonna get worse :frowning:

My right eye is -4.50 and left eye is -5.00. I just checked the numbers from this card I got when I got my glasses, and apparently these are six years old now. And considering I can still see, I guess it’s pretty safe to assume my vision has stopped getting worse. Yay.

what the hell do those numbers mean?

i can’t read the board during lectures unless i sit in the front row.

I have no idea how the 20/140 stuff works, but for the +/- numbers:

  • = nearsight, can’t see far well, concave lens
  • = farsight, can’t see near well, convex lens
    Number = thickness of the lens. Bigger number = thicker lens = worse eyesight.

thanks. can someone else tell me what is that 20/40000 stuff?

20/20 ftw

20/xx is based on a 20 foot measurement. i.e., 20/40 means at 20 feet you can see what a person with normal vision can see at 40 feet.

Cool, that might be compensation. Both of my eyes are 20/15. :cool:

This one south american tribe I saw on Discovery Channel on average had 20/10 superb vision!:wow:

If I’m in front of the pc, I can’t read the text on the screen, my eyes have to be within 8 inches of the monitor to read anything of it. (normal size text btw)

I don’t get the hate against glasses, I’ve been wearing mine since I was 11 and I couldn’t imagine life without them. Sure I broke a pair or two while playing bball in high school, and sure it further proved the stereotype of geeky asian kids with glasses, but the pair I have now (rayban frames ftw!) is freakin awesome. And you know how people buy frames with no prescription lenses so that they can look cool and sophisticated? Yeah fuck you.

All right. Thanks for clearing that up. A person with 20/40 vision would be nearsighted then?

im fucking blind. i cant see shit without my classes.

You should wear them to post, just a suggestion, ok? :stuck_out_tongue:

I just removed my glasses and tried to read the above post. Had to get 2 inches close to make out the letters

IIRC I have -6 both eyes and without glasses I won’t leave my bed, let alone my house, I kinda like being able to see cars so I don’t get run over.

-1.75. I’m 17, and it’s getting progressively worse.

I have bad eyesight, I just never wear my glasses for some reason. I know I should, but I’m always either forgetting them or just don’t feel like wearing them. Its funny because in school I’m all like:

Hallways walking to class
Person: Hey Dawain!
Me: Uhm, hi?(Who is this person?)

In class
Me: Gets up and gets 5 inches close to the board to copy down the work
Teacher: Dawain thats not even funny

Hey, thats just how I am. <_<

-8.5 and -9.5 w/astigmatism assist=pretty fucken blind. Wouldn’t drive without my contacts or my glasses (only wear around the house until I can afford some stylish ones).

I don’t mind having bad vision personally. Myself and quite a few others say I look better with my glasses on.

And So Scythe, of the Death, spoke mightily from the Heavens, “Get Corrective Eye Surgery, Scrubs”. Ramen. :pray:

P.S. I can’t see past my hand. I want eye surgery but my prescription changes too much.:sad:

You gotta look at the bright side… ugly people don’t look as ugly.

Holy shit. Guys, don’t put down the controller!;_ylt=AiOZw00MbeLCj5AY511lrCbMWM0F

Mom’s been wrong all those years.