How badly will delayed wake up hurt Dudley



I am a pretty low level dudley, but i feel the buffs he is getting thus far are not enough to counter how bad delayed wake up hurts dudleys game. What are your thoughts?


Your standing high low game will be hurt a lot less than frame perfect safe jumps in my opinion. You have to relearn timing across the board, but I think high/low/throw/ssb won’t suffer nearly as much. Plus you still got the counterhit game (especially with the new buff).


Dudley is helped more than he is hurt by delayed wakeup.


and dudley is not a weak char if you play at pretty low lvl anyway


Ultra is going to rely a lot more on footsies and ground game this time around instead of oki. He should be able to handle himself quite well depending on how well they do his st. Hp. Sweep buffs and other normals are good as well, but getting 120 damage and 200 stun off a whiff punish consistently should really help him a lot overall.