How best to hit with Izuna drop

after training for a really really long time, I found a very good technique that has helped me connect with izunas.

Normally when I wanted to izuna, I would wiggle the stick and then swoop in at a high velocity, intending to “crash” into the opponent. When Vega uses his EX FBA and does the double strike, when his hands initially skewer into the opponent for the first hit, that is the hitbox you need to connect with when hoping to Izuna. While you can slam into people and grab them by coming at them very quickly, I found a method that is much easier and reliable.

Instead of steering at all after wall diving, don’t. Notice how no matter where you jump off the wall from, you will come and land a close distance beside your opponent. Even if they are full screen, you will be “magnetized” to them and will sort of gravitate in their direction. With this in mind, try after jumping from the wall letting yourself lob at the opponent like a grenade. Then, as you’re beginning to descend from your arc, try to line yourself up with your opponents shoulders, directly above their head. The way you want to time this is so that after you line yourself above their head, you don’t have time to steer, and hence, lose the perfect trajectory you have gained. If you steer in unintentional directions its because your initial steer is to early. All you have to do is the barcelona, don’t hold any directions, then as you come nearer your opponent just hold right and press punch when you think Vega can grab the opponents shoulders / head. Of course this differs with every character: but this method makes it easier for everybody.

After steering my barcelonas for so long, I now think that letting Vega glide towards them, then making sudden movements is much better. You can still cross behind someones head and surprise them because Vega’s velocity in the air is sort of exponential: you can easily make it look like you’re whiffing, or hitting their front, then veer at top speed for an izuna or cross up. I highly suggest you try letting Vega steer himself in training. Makes it a hell of a lot easier.

Note: Also, EX ST has greater range than a standing roundhouse. Less than the forward and fierce, but greater than crouching strong and roundhouse. RH ST is shorter than crouching strong but longer range than the close pokes, like a crouching medium.

Ive never tried this because i dont think ive ever (since i been fairly knowledgeable, that is) thrown out a naked wall dive unless its to punish FB spam or something when i dont have meter. So when i do throw em out the steering is essential. I can bait a mistimed DP and train them not to do it.

I still want to test this out though. But ive found much improvement in my izuna % since ive reduced my online playtime and increased my offline play.

I was also using this method and I have much better results when the opponent is mid-screen. I seem to miss the izuna a lot more when the opponent is at max distance. Anyone else experienced this?

I noticed that too. I think it’s because it’s easier for Vega to line up on top of the opponent’s head when the opponent is in the middle of the screen.

I have noticed if the opponent is continuously walking backward and you wall dive at full distance while holding the direction the opponent is walking backward in it’s usually a guaranteed drop.

My method for Izuna Dropping pretty much the same but I try to go to a position for a crossup claw and right before I get there I do the Drop.

it still seems too much risk for the reward. any decent characters can punish walldives with variety of ways. assuming you wont’ miss the izuna drop, after you score once, twice at most, they should have figured out a way by then, simply backdash would have messed it up majorly for you.

I came upon the same technique while trying to get more consistent with the inzu drop in training mode (waiting until he fall closer to the opponent then hitting towards+punch) and I’ve definitely gotten better at pulling it off.

There’s a couple problems though.

  1. I play online, and I try to stick with 3-5 bar matches but if there’s enough lag, it throws off the timing.
  2. In an actual match, it seems like if the other guy moves back, after Vega leaps off the wall, its also messes up the spacing. It seems to work best when they try to block, not expecting the inzu, and they’re standing still (like in training mode).
  3. In training mode I set different chars to do lvl3 FA. If they don’t move too much, I can still get the inzu (Bison, Sagat, even Blanka but an actual one won’t FA he’ll use the roll).

But some characters move too much and it throws it off, ex: Sakura who bends down so you either whiff or you do the claw strike.

Some chars like Ryu, Ken it seems to depend on what part of the FA animation they’re in - its easier to land if its as the beginning or the end, but not the middle part.

I had mixed results with Dhalsim, Guile, and Akuma, but I didn’t do extensive tests, just a few tries with each.

It seems to depend on the other guy’s position at the time you leap off the wall, if it changes after you leap off, then its harder to land (I would compare it to Bison’s head stomp).

And again, if you’re online, the lag also makes it even hard to land if they FA.

But if your connection is good enough, a lot of people just block (at my level of play anyway), expecting to punish the claw strike, so it throws them off.

Yea I had problems with the Izuna drop, but here is what I found.

  1. You can grab anyone out of their focus attacks on any frame. However it appears that it is more difficult to grab them because they move their hitbox (or w/e you call it) so you usually have to go in deeper to grab them.

  2. Using the trick that Jozhear talked about does help alot in learning the timing and distancing in grabbing with the Izuna drop, it helps to practice that against sakura’s focus attack.

  3. Once you learn the distancing and timing you CAN control your movement on the FBA to get an izuna drop on anyone’s focus attacks.

  4. It is better to use what works against the player for ex. if the player is going to jump and attack, then don’t use jozhear’s method for you will get hit. If they are going to focus attack then jozhear’s method can work really well. If they are going to jump and attack then you can fade back and not get hit and then counter with an izuna drop.

  5. Using the FBA to just charge your bar is very effective against many characters. Many players will start to charge in on you while you are charging or may start to try throwing special moves as well. This is usually your chance to get in a free hit and with the so many FBA that you did you can start using SHC to fake them out (though you can be countered after you hit which is stupid). Also mixing SHC and FBA with combos can be quite effective too, especially if you mixed RCF in there as well.

I found that all of my training came from SF2 Vega. I used to practice his izuna drop on that like mad. I don’t really have a problem izuna-dropping in SF4 either. All you really need to do is be really close to him when in the air and hold a direction and punch.

I guess since I am fairly new to the SF series (just started like 3-4 months ago) that I lack the experience required to pull off that izuna drop consistently when opponents use FA. I am just going to do what you did lol. I am going to go in training mode and practice like crazy.