How big is CvS 2's audience?

Well not too long ago I started really liking SF games to the point that I actually wanted to sit down and learn how to play instead of just mashin buttons… So I got a MAME and I had been playing alot of SFA 3 on Kaillera… But then on youtube, I came across C v S 2, and its like SFA 3 on Steroids. I cant believe I never heard about this game until just not too many months ago. Im thinking about getting it when I have the money, but I would just like to know if you can even play it on Xbox live anymore.

It has a lot of fans, but not too many players. That partially has to do with the fact you need a Dreamcast to run the arcade perfect version, but I hear a lot of people praising the game who I’m certain have never even tried it. Myself included.

Larry Hyrb, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson, announced on his blog on February 5, 2010 that Xbox Live support for the original Xbox would be discontinued on April 15, 2010. This includes online play through backwards compatibility on the Xbox 360 and all downloadable content for original Xbox games. <<< Dang… I forgot all about this… Really wish tehy didnt do that. And now im reading something about how it wouldnt be good business to release it on XBLA or PSN Why not to expect Capcom vs. SNK 2 on PSN, XBLA | Joystiq

It’ll happen eventually, or CvS3 will be made, in due time…I’d say it has a far greater spectator list than player list, throw me on there, I love watching CvS2, but like Hace said, getting to play it is a hassle.

CvS2 is a dying game, it doesn’t get any tournament play in America anymore.

Fun to play casually, but don’t expect to find any communities that play it seriously anymore. I wish it would somehow get added to GGPO though.

CVS2 is fine on Playstation 2 – it runs a little different and looks uglier but it was used in tournaments for years fine.

It pretty much died/was dying even before SFIV came out in terms of its numbers and hype at majors

I still play it but, finding other people is the hard part.

I play it at my school. Im decent at it to know links of a few characters.

Like Raiden :smiley:

I still play it too. It is my favorite fighting game. I only have one person to play it with though and we have to use pads as I dont have any ps2 sticks. Team Athena FTW!

This is the first game that got me back into fighting games after the rush of SSFII started to die down around '94 or whenever it was. I picked it up when I first got my PS2 and I was completely overwhelmed by the pace, number of characters and variety in the matches.

I would love to see that game come back, but I have not come across anyone who really plays it anymore. I think that like MvC3, the series is due for a rehash.

I’m inclined to believe that if KoF XIII doesn’t get picked up by the masses (like what happened to KoFXII), SNK may approach Capcom for a crossover with the purpose of putting SNK back on the map. They may be too tied with their other crossover projects to accept though. You have to be wary of over saturation. Too many games, even if they are good, will confuse and turn off consumers.

I love CVS2, it’d be great to see it online with GGPO…I don’t think it’d have any problem in terms of popularity, the multiple grooves and wide range of characters would keep people learning stuff for a while. I always thought CVS2’s complexity was one of it’s virtues.
I figure they’ll eventually get around to CVS3, but if it happens it’ll be post everything else…which is sort of fine…let 'em fuck around with various mechanics in other games, put out 3s, let SNK(hopefully) get some respect back with KOF13, then examine all that’s been done and make it “faster and more intense”:tup:

it’s still a fun game to play, to see who has bragging rights. :slight_smile:

move to norcal

Demul + netplay = ???

Admittedly, the netplay tool is Kaillera, but hey, if you want your fix of online play, this is the only way so far.

I’m another one of those who loves CvS2, but doesn’t play it due to not having any way to.

I do have a local arcade that has CvS2 and there are some people who play it, but I am totally helpless without a training mode to go to and learn shit.

I have it for the Dreamcast and still play it but only have my brother to play that game with now unfortunately… Still love my Blanka, Kim, Mai team…

The main reason it died is because it honestly wasnt hyped. MVC2 stayed alive for many factors, 1. East coast HYPED that shit so gratz to them 2. People recognized the name Marvel a lot more then a FG company. and lastly America seems to like the more flashy stuff which is just us. We love hype/Flashy combos/and comics. Now in Japan Ive heard it is totally different, CVS2 is played still ( not as much as say 3s or sf4 but im pretty sure its played more then MVC2 ). I think another thing that was a turn off is the learning curve is in my opinion just is Fucken crazy. Roll canceling, Team synergy, LOTS of footsies and reading ( unless is Sagat vs Sagat then its whoever can bait better ) and a longer list. Essentially CVS2 is like Super Hyper Turbo with SNK/grooves and AWESOME music I swear best OST ever.

It also has the best announcer ever.

Dang, that’s disappointing. It looks like a great game, I really wish I would have been more fighting game crazy like I am now alot earlier in my life… When I did get into fighting games heavy, it was weak trash like Mortal Kombat Deception and Deadly Alliance… Horribly Broken games w/ no balance at all… Im glad I got out of that and started playing real fighting games more recently.

OMG so true I had such a flash back when I heard MVC3s announcer say " live and let die " … I thought about cvs2 and what the announcer used to say
" Live and let die " " This battles about to explode “
” Sneaky surprise attack " words that I love to hear.