How big is Hugo really?

Now this has been debated since supposedly in Double Impact “official guide” Hugo is only listed as 7’2". the SF plot guide lists him closer to 8 feet. In Ryu Final, Hugo was an actual giant many times the normal human’s size. In SVC Chaos, Hugo was depicted as a giant as well. Street Fighter III 2nd Impact was also called Giant Attack, which of course referred to Hugo.

so is Hugo the giant that reigns taller and larger over all other street fighters, or is he only actually the mere size of Zangief and Sagat who aren’t referred to as giants ?







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But to actually answer your question, Hugo is 7’ 2" 3rd tallest in the SF universe.
Sagat is 2 at 7’ 4" and 1 is T. Hawk is 7’ 5".

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