How big is "same area?"

I got AE for PC, I’ve noticed that while typically I get a decent connection to people I also seem to play a lot of the same people over and over again in ranked matches (worst was when I got matched up against a Ken waaaayyyy better than me 4 times in a row).

So is same area a particular region of your country? (I live in a rural area so I’d almost be surprised to see anyone online lol), or is it your whole continent (N. America for me)? If it’s the latter then… lol not too many people playing PC version lol.

Don’t worry about the area just worry about the ping.

i just set it to “any” then judge by the flag. much faster

you can change region .
go to control panel > Region and Language >location

Meh, even when I put “Any” on all options I tend to play some people in a row.