How big was cvs2 at launch


im 27 been playing fighting games since i was 5 on snes and arcades i didnt play cvs2 till 2005 on ps2. i love the game older i get the more i can appreciate it. my main games have been st, hf, alpha 2 but i just love cvs2 for all the options characters very deep and never gets old.

im curious how the sf community felt when it first came out. everyone then was playing alpha 3 so i figure this game was a blessing to get rid of that crap lol jk


Depends. Not so big where I was at the time (Oahu) because we had CVS1 & MVC2.

CVS2 came out on the DC 1st before the arcade!

But in like December 2001 it was hot!


really didnt know it was on sega firsti wonder how big it was n cali id think the valles chois wongs ect would be inlove given the game was footsie heavy and had so many grooves iv never seen mike watson and valle really play the game on youtube weirdly enough


It was a HUGE DEAL in the Midwest where I was from!!! And yes, it was released on import Dreamcast before the arcades. In fact, the arcade where I competed at didn’t even have CAPCOM vs SNK!!! But when 2 came out everyone was on it…