How 'blue' is "dark blue"..?


I don’t know if this is allowed here and this may be a totally ridiculous question…

But I’m thinking about buying different pushbuttons when my stick arrives and I want a dark blue colored theme. So I’m seriously thinking about buying dark blue pushbuttons.

Thing is, they look almost purple on most websites that sell them, yet I see other players using dark blue buttons that are actually dark blue.

They look VERY purple here and here.

But… they look actually blue here.

May I ask those who have bought dark blue buttons to show me pictures of their sticks? I don’t want to buy these buttons if they aren’t going to match.

Thank you!


“Dark Blue” buttons are actually what we in the West refer to as “Blue” vis a vis Crayola.

“Blue” buttons are the lighter “Sky Blue” - or “Blue Bell”, per Crayola.

As I see it.


Lizardlick seems to have the most color accurate photos and those buttons seem like they are a tad bit purplish. Not an extreme dark blue but they can also look different in different light.

This is the brokentier stick that uses those “dark blue” buttons and should give you the most contrast.


That’s a shame.

I want something more this color. :c


You could go for something like this.

Seimitsu PS-15, 30mm Pushbutton, Aqua

or even Navy Blue which is the closest to the Blue you’d like it seems.

They’re not in stock at LL but they may be somewhere else.

They do have the PS-14-G variants in stock though.


Hm… that may be too dark blue. lol

I meant to ask earlier… is it possible to paint pushbuttons?


I don’t see why not. Just get some vinyl dye.

Sanwa buttons do have a protective gloss coat iirc so you may need to sand them, but I don’t think that you’d need to with Vinyl Dye. I’d buy a couple buttons and do some test painting on them first before you paint all of them though. Like try painting one without sanding and try painting another after sanding it.


Sanwa Dark blue is more like indigo, kind of like halfway to a gamecube.
I personally think it is stupid nobody makes a Royal Blue Opaque 30mm pushbutton. The closest you will get is these.
Lizard Lick Amusements - Seimitsu PS-14-KN, 30mm Screw-In Pushbutton, Blue


Yeah i ordered those sanwa blue’s for vewlix & its more like baby blue/turquoise…

What color blue are the ones that come w/ the TE?