How buffer N.Kens 2x cr.short xx super


Cheers for any help

This is a little bit tricky, and takes some practice, but:

d + short, df, f, d + short, df + short + jab

Some moves, like Ken’s crouching short, can be interrupted in a way similar to kara-canceling in 3s (this is particularly evident with Ryu, who can interrupt all sorts of stuff, like his far standing roundhouse, simply by inputting a special move during the first frame or two of the move). The trick is to do the third short, then immediately interrupt it with the super, so it appears that just short, short, super came out.

I just do cr.short x 2, then d,df,f,d,df,f+jab+short

the jab (super) carries the same properties as the third short, because short x 3 combos and so the super combos also

you can do the same thing with Guile:
ie. crossup short, cr.short x 2, super (db,df,db,uf+short+forward…
that’s how I do it)

I cant do it either way and its pissing me off.

When i do it this way i get the funny kick comming out after the 1st cr.short.

Am i doing something wrong?

You’re getting the funny kick because you’re going all the way back on the stick. Both ways work, you just need to practice more.

Also I would recommend that you hold the short button down so you don’t get the kick super on accident.

I believe we’re talking ST here, right (N.Ken)? So, no kick super, just the punch one. I also find that I can’t do Ken’s super quickly enough to do the 2 crouching shorts and then the super, but maybe that’s just me.

You’re likely getting the “negative edge.” Special moves can be triggered not just by pressing the button, but also by releasing the button (give it a try). If you do d + short, df, f + release short, you’ll get short xx funky_kick. One of the many reason’s this is kinda tricky.

The other thing to remember about supers in combos in this game (again, assuming we are talking ST) is that you need to do the motion just like you normally would, such that, if you did the motion without any of the shorts thrown in, the super would come out. Once you’ve got the motion down, all it takes is inserting shorts at strategic places to get the desired effect.

You may want to try cr.forward xx super first (d, df, f, d +, df + p), or even change to Ryu to begin practicing, since you don’t have to worry about weird kicks coming out accidentally with him.

ok i got it now :slight_smile:

Cheers for all the help.

Im doing it like this …

D+Short, D+Short, D/F, F, D, D/F+Short+Jab

Works well :slight_smile: