How can anyone say ggxx #R is dead?

After ecc I can’t see how anyone could say GGXX #R is dead. It seemed to have more of a following then tekken. The group around that first cabinet was scary. Also a friend and I overheard the “jedi counsel” and heard them discuss that tekken is going to burn out soon, its random, and they saw a total of two combos which constituted of kick. punch. punch. punch…

haha, here we go again :clap:

ground floor

thats wrong!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Fuck GG#R GGX 1.5 for life :tup:

woot! :tup:

#R is going to be dead once Slash is released

ground floor

it is unbalanced



Lol, just about to say that.

So uh yeah…

wow…i hate these topics…

when did this become gamefaqs?

Uh so they’re not playing it at arcades much…but I’m sure they play it a lot on consoles…

:lol: @ the people who don’t get it

It’s OK if you mean me pal, I had a hard time understanging what he’s talking about… :karate: