How can anyone say MVC2 is dead?

After ecc I can’t see how anyone could say marvel is dead. It seemed to have more of a following then tekken. The group around that first cabinet was scary. Also a friend and I overheard the “jedi counsel” and heard them discuss that tekken is going to burn out soon, its random, and they saw a total of two combos which constituted of kick. punch. punch. punch…

Isn’t people saying all Tekken consists of is “kick. punch. punch. punch…” just as hypocritical as the people who say marvel is just mashing buttons and flashy random shit happening?

I thought that one blazin guy or whoever was the only one stating marvel was dead with like 20 different threads

In other words, you don’t know shit about Tekken.

Tekken 5, just like all previous tekkens, is button mash.

Marvel takes an insane amount of skill to win, anyone can randomly button mash their way into victory in tekken.

Tekken 5 will be dead within a year, and SF/capcom games will always outlive their 3d counterparts. Marvel is 5 years old, 3s is 6 years old are are still played in torunaments around the world… how many people will play Tekken 5 in torunaments 5 and 6 years from now? Zero.

If you’re talking about new players vs new players, then yes, both types of games allow button mashers to get wins over other button mashers. If you try to just spam shit in either game against the better players, you’re going to get your ass handed to you.

All Tekken games are horrible. Stiff and delayed movement.

No one can compare Tekken5 or whatever number they are at now to MVC2.

I can’t even wrap my brain around the idea of anyone thinking tekken 3 was mash styles. I didn’t care for tag, or 4, and still haven’t played 5. But 3 was on point. Loved that game, I should get a ps1 just for that.

lol, the level of ignorance people exhibit even today is hilarious.

Are those things wrong? In my professional and Jack-5-and-Devil-Jin-are-each-better-than-Raven-and-Asuka-combined-ed opinion, they are not.

PS I hear Tekken Tag has been around for, oh, quite a while.

You can’t compare T5 and MvC2. Those are two totally different fighting games.

And if you think T5 is a bunch of mashing, I’d like to see any of you who say that to bring that kind of shit to T5 tourneys and get last fucking place.

T5 and MvC2 are great games in their own regard. Don’t hate just because you suck at them.

I’m talking about random players (not nesscarily noobs) vs decent players. In Tekken 5, I can pretty much strategically mash on a decent player and win 40% of the time (and I have NO idea what Im doing or what the combos are). In a very complicated game like MvC2, 3S, or CVS2, If a masher plays a decent player, they will win 0% of the time. Infact, I doubt they would manage to kill one player in MvC2 or CvS2 or win one round in 3S.

I don’t think you get it… This isn’t Golba “random scrub” saying that tekken is kick.punch.punch.punch… it’s the “Jedi Counsel.”

what? people still play mvc2? i wonder what characters are being used now? oh wait… I KNOW!!! i could be wrong but could it be Magnus/Cable/Storm/Sent still? Im not sure because its been a very long time since i last saw an mvc2 match. :bgrin:

Whats the point in getting good at a game that sucks and will be dead in a few years? And yes, I can mash out at a tournament and win a few rounds. I might get last place, but I bet me mashing out on tekken 5 would be a lot closer than a noob trying to mash on someone playing against someone good at MvC2.

Time to set some things straight. For starters, since when did 2d games REALLY outlive 3d games? Look at all the 2d fighters that are still played. What do they have in common?


Asside from the fact that Tekken Tag IS still played today and is just as old as Marvel, 3d games don’t last as long because new games are actually being released.

And which 2d fighters have actually been around for very long? 3rd Strike is technically 6 years old, but how many current 3S players have been playing for 6 years? Last I checked, 3S was more or less dead before Evo 2002. So in reality, only Marvel has had a consistent scene for the past 5 years.

In other words, you don’t play against good players.

Are 3d fighters more mash friendly than 2d fighters? Yes, that’s definitely an obvious fact. But this doesn’t make them significantly more effective.

Mashers win by exploiting ignorance, nothing more. They beat people who are ignorant towards a character and/or the system. If I just stop playing dumb and actually know DEFENSE, how can you beat me with mashing? You can’t maximize damge and you don’t know how to punish, so what’s there to be scared of? Your mixups will be with either canned strings or predictable as hell lows 'cause you favor some buttons over the other.

So please, stfu.

Every game has hard set tiers, especially games that have been out for as long as mvc2, and im sure tekken games are no exception… or are all the characters used in torunaments?

And who the fuck is the Jedi Council? And since when did they speak for the whole Tekken scene?

Oh yeah, I’d like to know how many entered Marvel at ECC. 'cause Tekken 5 got around 85.

As oppoused to a game that’s way past its prime with a shrinking player base? Nice thinking.

Well Marvel and 3S has already been around for 5-6 years so I have already enjoyed many years of good comp and a big scene.

Will I see the same comp and big scene for Tekken 5 5-6 years from now? We both know the answer is no.

I heard the Marvel turnout was in past 100 peeps, 120 or something. I’m not sure, so don’t take my word for it.