How Can Beat Rock Howard?



How can Beat him??
If a i jump… he do it me a Counter…or Rasing Storm…
He counter my psycho crusher… and so on…

The only way if i can do damage to him is confuse him … but i need a solid strategy… can help me ??


From what it looks like you’re main strategy with him is probably jumping in with your poke already coming out from a mile away and doing psycho crushers at random. It’s like you said, confusion helps in beating him but you definitely need more than that. First off don’t bother playing aggressively, especially if you’re going to be predictable cuz if you’re getting caught by his counters, which seems to be the main problem here, then it’s easy to catch your pattern.

Try baiting him out with pokes like jabs, shorts, and crouching midkicks to get him to do something stupid and punish him. Never use psycho crushers out of nowhere unless if you’re responding to an opening. Actually it would be better to respond with scissor kicks especially if the guy is backed into the corner since if you land it successfully you should be able to do your custom combo.

If you wanna jump into him do empty jumps where you jump into him and do nothing. Counter comes out and he counters nothing, he’s your’s to punish at that point. This strategy is suitable for this situation cause it sounds like the person you’re fighting against relies on counters for anti airs instead of standing heavy kick. However if he does have meter don’t bother jumping since he’ll obviously counter with raging storm. In this case just stay grounded and bait him out with quick pokes and confusion.


Thank You Very Much… :slight_smile:

Thats Sound Very Good…


Force him to make mistakes by changing up your style.At the start he has no super so he’ll probably try a counter do a jump in with no attack land and punish his whiffed counter.As for raging storm do a few head stops before he has a super…let him think your going to do another one…fake it but doing the d u physco hand away from him making him waste his super.