How can Bison stop rushdown characters like the shotos?

eyy… every time i use bison against a good shoto i always get smoked… does anyone have any tips on stopping this i would appreciate it…thnx

use teleport to get away… u have to know how to zone em

That’s true, use those light knee presses from max distance, just anti-air them if they jump, go for cross-ups.

Against rushdown characters like Shotos and Cammy, I find RC Psycho Crusher to be useful in resetting the match. Just make sure they don’t block it.

use teleport to get away… u have to know how to zone em

unfortunately…we dont have cvs2 anymore only cvs 1…so what do i do without the teleport?

How can Bison stop rushdown characters like the shotos??

with skills :slight_smile:

bison gets owned by shotos in cvs1…his “safe” scissor kicks get owned by SRK’s and lvl3 supers. he cant deal with crossups, he can jumpin or do devil reverse (becaus of the SRK) and he can poke as well as ken or ryu (ryu has hop kick, ken has lotta crazy shit, mainly fireballs).

charged d, u +p is the only move Bison needs to beat shotos. You don’t even have to roll cancel it. Just do the move and control your flight path as you come down. Shotos can’t do anything. Teleport away if you ever get cornered.

shit,i find the shotos easier to beat than others.u gotta think about the fact bison is so quick.rush them down in return because most rushdown players dont have other playing styles.when they start the rushdowning use a psychocrusher to stop the shotos pace and then u go on your own rushdown spree and bash ribs wit mk and roundhouse.also like i got in my post for advanced bison tactics,use the 1/2 interval technique to destroy those shoto roaches.

also play a few mind games,everyone knows a missed dragon punch spells disaster in big words.make them miss a dragon punch and lay the super psychocrusher lvl 3 if possible.

roll!roll! roll gotdamnit! roll through those fire balls,and his slide sweep has priority over short jabs and punches,remember that.

HP.Scissor kick is a much better counter to fireballs than a roll+slide as you dont want to leave your self open to a punishment from a H.DP if it is blocked. either roll the scissor or just time it right and sail over that fireball.