How can I add an LED to my wireless stick?

I’m using a sixaxisdapter and I wanted to know how to add an LED to my stick? I have a clear dustwasher and that’s where I want the light to come out of. Can anyone point me in the direction of a tutorial that explains how to accomplish this?

Guess I should have looked around first… Heh…

Anyways, I found this,

I do have a few questions as I’ve never really tried something like this before.

-Do I have to solder the resistor right onto the the LED like the tutorial shows or can I have it between two pieces of wire.
-What’s the easiest way to secure the LED so it shines out of the hole where the shaft comes out of the case?
-Is it possible to have more than one LED? Like say I wanted Red on one side and White on the other.

All they are doing is connecting VCC to annode of LED, then resistor between ground and cathode.

As along as you have a resistor between one leg of the LED and VCC or ground, then it is fine. It’s okay to have VCC>resistor>wire>LED>wire>ground or VCC>wire>LED>resistor>wire>Ground or VCC>wire>LED>wire>resistor>Ground. Those are all okay.

Easiest way? Buy an Arc eye, remove dustwasher and balltop, then slide the arc eye onto the shaft, and connect the Arc Eye to VCC and ground. And Arc Eyes have resistors connected to them, so no need to get an extra resistor for that. They rest nicely between the pivot cylinder and dustwasher.

Yes, you can repeat this twice for two LEDs.

Would this work? Would it fit over the JLF shaft with a shaftcover?
KNsert LED Board

With shaft cover? I don’t know if it’s wide enough down the middle. I’ve only personally tested Arc Eyes on LS-32 and JLF without shaft cover to fit, and I don’t have a KNsert to try to fit with.

But a note, if you use KNsert, you will need a resistor.

I’ve got the resistor, That’s not a problem. If the opening isn’t wide enough, I could just use my dremel to take a tiny bit off the shaft cover and have it rest on the KNsert right? Or even maybe very very very carefully make that opening a bit bigger.

Yes, you can dremel it a bit wider, just be sure you don’t accidentally cut a trace or grind into the LEDs. I did it with a few Arc eyes that had a bit of trouble fitting into my buttons. Might want to get an extra KNsert or two just in case you accidentally mess up.

Sounds good! Thanks for the info! I’m gonna order a few of them tonight.