How Can i Beat BH?!?

Ok i play mag/ironm./sent. and im having trouble with beating BH(i just started playing this game like a few months ago so im still learning). Ive been looking at some of the threads and it saids mag. can rush down BH but when i do his assist. fucks up my rush down and he just turtles the whole damn time. can anyone help me out?

chop the other player in the neck.

no seriously, snap his AA in. blackheart sucks without an AA

That tactic can backfire, especially if the assist is Commando.

There are three steps to defeating Blackheart with Magneto.

  1. Patience
  2. Patience
  3. Patience

no thats the three steps to playing mag like justin wong…hahahahahah. rush that bitch down right is all you need to do

-_- u really wanna know? blcok that shit until u corner him then fucked him up. i mean he doesnt chip u so why not. and yes as the guy said earlier snap him out cuz u can just dash under that shit without anything in ur way. BH sucks to me, cant do any damage =(.

When you get two shit-for-brains together, all you get is a lot of shit.

If you think Blackheart is easy, you either play against scrubs or are incredibly good and should be taking top five at any major regional.
If you think that Blackheart can’t chip, you’ve REALLY played against scrubs. To quote Ondrej (local BH player: “Feel the buuuuurrrrrn” as he chips 3/4 of a full life bar with built meter…).

You’ve got to be patient, wait for your openings, and do tons of damage in the few opening you get. If you snap in the assist without hurting BH first, you’re in bad shape.
The trouble is that people have forgotten how to play against BH and most people don’t know how to play him well either, so if you run across a GOOD BH (and not the scrubs Gouki and MagMan are referring to), they’re going to mess you up. A good BH is horrible and makes kittens cry. Remember how most new people thought Spiral sucked until Duc whipped out the old hotness… ?

Quazy: since you’re not at the point yet where you realize team analysis also requires knowledge of what assists are in the mix (a pretty pertinent piece of information), I’d suggest your time right now would be well spent getting your ass kicked by BH. Learn the game painfully, figure out what you’re doing wrong, and you’ll be better suited to be better down the road.

Preppy’s pretty much got it 100%. You should ask him your questions. I’m done with SRK.


You’ve got to be patient]


right there, i didn’t even read the rest, once i saw that, YOU OBIVOUSLY DON’T Play mag if you just said BE PATIENT.

oh and preepy i learned the game the HARD WAY, i dealt with all the bs, spiral, bh, cable/doom, when i was a scrub and now, that i have mag, i will tri jump all them bitchs at a moments notice. so don’t tell me BE PATIENT, cause ain’t justin when i use mag.

Wat are some good rush downs with mag.?? and some good strats? can anyone help me out??

preppy. whats BH gonna chip you with? just get out of his HOD by pushblocking inferno and holding diagonal forward up.

quazy. it would be easier if i knew what team you were using. because i love playing msp vs team watts until sentinel comes in :).

an easier way to do it is put storm on projectile (like you should most of the time) and call her from a distace, sj and dash, when u land, fuck BH up. rushdown means mixing it up between highs and lows. say like sj. ad df hk is a fast way to hit the opponent high, i would recommend j ad df d+lk, land, (psy hits) snapout though.

if you dont happen to have storm with you, just slowly corner him. pushblock anything he throws at you. when you get to the near, or near there, the important thing is for you not to let him out. dash back. from there, you can cross him up, by dashing forward again (ending up on the other side) and roming him from there, or, just jumping, call psylocke, then airdash near when he’s landing. BUT, when you hit him, remember to snap him out. trust me BH sucks without an assist, drones and cable AAA are okay, but still not as good as commando. but yeah back to the corner thing, when you have him there, DO NOT let him out. rush him down, throw in some s.lp’s

you can even sj. and use your EM disruptor on him if you time it pretty good when he’s about to throw demons (use sparingly).

but yeah tell us which team your using for more help

EDIT: you shouldnt be getting hit by judgment day either these days

oh, didnt see this one. hmmm maybe i should come up to canada to show u why BH is like 10th in the tier list =(. all the people who bow to you and your BH strats are really new to this game. dont try to make it hard on noobs, let them play the god characters that are worth playing in tournies. BH hasnt won a tourney since like…2001?

^^ i play Mag/IM/Sent. thats the team ive been playing i really dont know any other good teams besides Mag/Storm/psy and Strider/cable/doom and thats about it. And how do u push block?? or any of that other stuff u were talking about lol. <----newbass

i wouldnt try learning iron man for starters, and i wouldnt get good with him either, he’s not worth the time =(

^that should cover most of it

i wouldnt bother with strider/doom either. works on scrubs who dunno how to play against it, but its not too good for people who do.

stick with mag/storm/psy (MSP) :tup:.

MagnetoManiac: in case you didn’t realize it, I was insulting you. Gouki10 may be a God damn moron, but at least he has the werewithal to respond in kind.

Gouki10: No shit I don’t play Magneto, I play Blackheart so I don’t have to play Magneto. Thank you, Captain Obvious.

that doesnt change the fact that you’ll get nowhere with BH in tournaments you idiot. getting fucked left and right by god tier characters with ur BH over and over again wont make you any better, so just give up on BH, he sucks =(. oh and you do too for playing him. kthxbye.

ok i picked on Mag./Cable/sent(ground assist). If u guys could give me any tips on this team it would help a lot.

thats team row. i recommend you putting sentinel on projectile (rocket punch) to setup mag for some sexy (but deadly) combos. remember if you get that 1 hit kill mag you’re officially a pro :tup:. as for cable just dont let your mag die soo fast or cable wont be that mcuh help vs runaway storm. if that happens try to safely get sentinel in and let him handle it. this game is mostly experience, but its possible to learn quick.

I am not like a really godlike player or anything, but I do like to help people, so I’ll try and take a shot at it.

I agree with the above post though, if you’re going to play row, just go ahead and put Sent on projectile assist, or the “a” assist. It will help in damaging stuff with Mags, and also give you a chance for a two combo kill provided that you learn how to connect the five fierce from a successful Sent-A hit. Also, it reduces the number of AHVB’s to kill off someone with Cable to two if you combine the assist with the cr. lk, cr. lk, st. fk chain.

As most you’ve heard above, it does take a bit a patience to kill off a Blackheart who knows what they are doing. Some reasons for this are, the BH player will know their distances as well as what to do and not to do in those positions. Also, Blackheart can run, and run a lot, which makes it hard to get to him in the first place, because the BH player will probably want you to go into him and try and hit him, in which he will have some sort of damaging way of punishing that.

If you want to beat BH, I find it very helpful to figure out a pattern with him and his assists. If you can get a clue on what he is trying to do, you will know how to punish it, and that takes patience to do.

Also, it is a known fact that Cable will shoot the hell out of BH. So whenever you can, make sure you have Cable out there against BH. However, watch out when you super jump, because you could eat a Inferno xx HOD. If you see this coming however, just pushblock the Inferno when BH flashes for the super, and then shoot him with your BFG.

Those are just some suggestions from me on trying to beat Blackheart. I hope that they help you in someway.

another thing to add to coos coos is that if you DO eat an infernoxxHOD…wait a bit and take the super. if it causes flying screen (when opponent is forced to dash) RIGHT AFTER YOU GET UP, AHVB HIM!! he cannot block unless he cancels his dash into a sj (which is really hard), if you time it right after you get up he should get shot while he’s still recovering from his dash. if you have 3+meters its gg.