How can I beat the parental control?

I can’t watch manga! I can’t download anything! I can’t get on some sites! I’m blocked and I found a process called Safe Eyes in task manager. Google tell me it is one process of this suck parental control, but I can’t remove it. I’m not the admin. I go to its site but it doesn’t tell anything about uninstallation! What the hell can I do to get rid of it?
PS. I use Win 7 Home Pre

I suggest not even trying because the “admin” might lose trust in you & your internet might not be the only one taken away.

Go to users and say check the giving power button. (you only can do that if you’re on the admin account)
Just reformat the computer

Talk to your admin and ask them to take it out. Unless off course it’s there for a reason.

Oh, being a kid is always hard :crybaby:

Boot off a linux bootable distro.


  1. Wait 5 years
  2. Move out.

goto bookstore
buy manga

edit: i have a feeling op is a bot promoting safe eyes

My mom didn’t put a parental lock for me and I ended up discovering 4chan. It was cool dude!

tell your parents to tkae it off so u can haz fap

Parry the blocker then c. mk super


This is probably the easiest sollution. Only downside would be botting off a USB thumb drive all the time.

There’s this place called the library, they tend to have public terminals for using the internet


  • you’re telling your parents you’re spending time at the library
  • you might pick up a book without pictures and read it
  • no masturbating


  • sometimes there are homeless people
  • no masturbating
  • The homeless smell hella rank.

they should remove google from sites you can hit obviously

Also having shoryuken blocked will solve the problem.

Grow up. :coffee:

Or that linux bootable distro thing. Just burn an Ubuntu live cd, but it’s hella annoying when it has to load from cd all the time. Noisy, slow.

Save up, and buy a $200 netbook in secret.

First of all, if yours is a “local” account on this PC, you may want to attempt seeing if the default “Administrator” account has a password attached to it. Most OEM home machines do not prompt for the Admin password to be set during the first-time run process. And given that you are using Windows 7 Home Premium, I am wagering that yours is a home PC in your parents house? If this is the case, then you can simply go into “SafeMode” and use it (the default Administrator account - not yours) to elevate your user privlidges in the control panel applet or simply re-define the privlidges that ordinary user accounts have through “Computer Management”>“System Tools”>“Local Users and Groups”.


Second… go into “GodMode” and select the appropriate applet/link under UserAccounts.

To use it:

  • Create a new folder.
  • Rename the folder to GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}
  • (note that you can change the ?GodMode? text, but the following period and code number are essential).

The folder icon will change ? double click it to show the GodMode window: