How can I change my location/flag?


Is there any way for me to change my location/country flag to a different one?


I dont know this for sure, but I think the flag is tied to your consoles profile location/region setting.


Thanks Fatal Error, but If there is no way to do it, then how can I make it hidden? I’ve been seeing people with the “Street Fighter IV” logo as their flag, and I’d like to keep it hidden as well.


The SF logo is for countrys where capcom was to lazy to put the flags for. If you want to change your flag, either move somewhere else or create a Japanese/American w/e country you want to have account.


you can change it by changing your location in settings ive done it a couple of times


What settings? I can’t find anything in the options to change my country/region. I can set a location but my country stays the same.


Are you talking about PC?
If so you need to go into the control panel then region and language
Then you can change your location to where ever you’re at then you need to change your keyboard to that location as well and that will solve your flag issues.

If you’re talking bout PS3 then you need to create an account with the location you want.

Xbox I have no idea since I don’t play xbox


im on xbox i go to dashboard settings console settings and location


Oh I’m on the PC lol, but thanks everyone for the help. I changed my location in my control panel - region and language and it worked. I tested it out and it didn’t seem like I need to change my keyboard at all.