How can i check from my school?

Ive been bored at my school and stuff and i miss out on some cool stuff like the galactus reveal, etc. Any tricks to see some srk headlines and stuff? my school computers block proxies and videos and social networking sites, porn, etc. Any ideas?

Cell phone?

If you have 3G, phone.

If not, just do your school work :slight_smile:

ditto. you wont be able to get around it. there are ways to get to certain sites but they way the block them, you will not have access my friend, unless u or u know a admin to put you in a different group of users and permissions bud.

SSH tunneling. Or, you know:

try changing the http in the address to https which will access the safe site, which most people forget to block.

This could also work, it requires you to set up your own gateway but would require administrative permissions so if you’re not on your own laptop I don’t think this will work. Unless you can install or run portable software that is.

This won’t work since SRK doesn’t support SSL as far as I know.

Back when I was in high school years ago, we just ended up downloading proxy lists and going through them one by one through editing the browser’s proxy functions. Made for a temporary solution to play flash games in Chemistry class. Not sure if it will work now a days though, good luck in finding a solution.

Ask one of your classmates if they know some good proxy sites. There’s always that one dude who has the latest sites like he subscribes to my proxy magazine lol

I follow the Shoryuken twitter as a nice and easy way to get the latest headlines. You can set it up so that Twitter messages you whenever Shoryuken makes an update. Or just use Twitter on your phone/school computer.

lol @ CSword

yeah i tried the https but it dont work. also, any relation to proxies are blocked. the system is just an annoying firewall that has a bunch of preloaded keywords and this really annoying “smart” system that learns to block stuff. i got through using google and then going to the cache or related sites and i somehow got to the forum and then the frontpage and then locked me out after a few mins :frowning:

…but i dont wanna do my school work

When I was in high school I used my home server as a proxy (<3 squid).
Get creative, or do your school work, son.