How can I combo Kyo's QCB,HCF super?

How do I combo it outside the corner, if it’s possible?

You can cancel his far S.Roundhouse into the Super. Bait them into to doing C.Forwardor C.Short and then hit them with S.Roundhouse. Afaik S.Roundhouse goes over their low attacks.

I’m hoping you’re NOT talking about the flame pillar super (qcfx2 super) cause I think’s what you’re talking about.

No, I’m talking about the QCB, HCF+P Super. The one you can charge. You know the Makoto guy from Japan? He plays P-Groove Kyo and in some videos you can see how he does S.Roundhouse xx QCB, HCF+P Super.

The most used way to land orochinagi midscreen is low short x 2, QCF + lk,lk, orochinagi as early as possible.

If your midscreen or closer away from the corner, Low short, low strong, QCF + Mk,Mk, DP + Mk, will always lead them into the corner, in which case you can juggle with an orochinagi after DP + MK.

After that combo, you can only juggle with the lvl 3 right? Oh yeah, Kamui, are you going to the Texas Shodown?

Yes, lvl 3 only. Im not too sure if im going, probably though.

bah its got nothing to do with midscreen or corner
crouching mp -> qcf mk -> k ->qcb,hcf p super
possible for all levels of super
if u happened to do a lk x2 into qcf lk ->k then u can only combo into the level2 or 3 super

C.Strong (a lttle bit closer than max range)
C.Forward (a little bit closer than max range)
Close S.Roundhouse
Far S.Roundhouse

QCF+Short (in corner)

you can combo it off qcf+lkx2 anywhere on the screen…easiest way to combo qcf+lkx2 is off 2 c.lks…easiest set up is if you have small jump…on opponents get up, empty jump and land with c.lkx2…

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Are those vid’s on the SRK site in the japan section? I don’t remember seeing any Kyo there but maybe I forgot which one it was. If not, do you have a link to those vids?