How can I do Akumas ultra/super faster?



I honestly dont get it… i know how to do the lp lp back lk hp, but ive seen videos were they do it and you dont even see akuma punches come out… iv watched the videos were u buff his punches and stuff but i dont understand how to do it… and can it be done on the controller(dont have an arcade stick)?


hold forward and press lp+mp so the over head comes out and buffer the input behind the overhead, so its f+lp+mp, lp, then back+lk+hp all together, so its a total of 3 inputs, oh and theres a Q&A section for this


thanks… but now that i have u here i wanted to know if its better to do a or a c.lp after a far HK… the combo is far hk then light spin kick… so which should i do? also when i do the over head to buffer the ultra my overhead hits the guy… its not suppose to right? am i not doing it fast enough? im assuming this is the part were i need an arcade stick…


if you’re plinking do LK after the far HK

If you don’t know what plinking is,& likely don’t do it use Crouch LP (Which is a 3 frame link)

& no you’re not doing the ultra or super fast enough, don’t feel bad though it’s incredibly hard to do the kara-Ultra on pad, it’s far easier on stick (Though still fairly difficult)


thanks… uh quick question… would it really be an advantage if i plink?.. i mean it does the same amount of health im assuming u would have to do more work to plink …i have no clue what plinking is, u dont have to break it down, just tell me whats the advantages of doing it rather than doing a c.lp… oh and i think it would be easier for me to do a crouching hard kick and buffer the ultra… which should be>lp->back+ lk+ hardpunch


Yeah Crouch Hark kick is pretty easy on pad& can punish jump ins, Crouch MK is far better though, but that’s hard on pad.

As for Plinking the far HK combo, it simly turns crouch LK in to a 4 frame link (technically) & in most cases Crouch LK has better range than Crouch LP

There are occasions, like against Sagat when standing LP is the best option


wait so if tends to have better range… woulndt it be getter to do a without plinking… unless its much harder to do than a c.lp…


Plinking isn’t all that necessary so don’t beat yourself up over not being able to do it.


It could be better, but it is harder. I iamgine it varies from person to person how hard a 3 frame link is to a 2 frame link. personally i hit both pretty consistently.

sometimesit varies, i mean if you hit the Far HK close you’re best option is a close HP (2 frame link) if it’s close but not closest then Crouch MP is a great option (2 frame link) if it’s VERY far you’re better of doing crouch MK in to HK Tatsu (1 Frame link, this is of course diffiicult, especially on pad) but in most cases Crouch LP is sufficient.

I use Crouch LP & i play pad, there are occasions i use Standing LP & Crouch MP & it’s rare that i hit deep enough to use close HP.


i get it now… thanks alot


This is very true, Honestly your best bet after a far hk is close standing HP>BNB, the problem with this is that you have to be SO close to get it to work but it hits so hard. It?s a two frame link but it?s the best option if you are close enough. If you are feel like gambling you could also do fs.HK>cr.MP>cs.HP>BNB. This will render the most damage for the extremely close connected fs.HK.

I try not to use jabs or shorts in combos due to low damage and scaling. I realize it might be difficult for beginners to get the timing on these sort of combos but believe me, it?s worth it. Grind it out in training mode.


I think best option is> to either lk tatsu or hk tatsu depending on spacing, the has greater range


I’ve been having a real issue of having my LP come out and hit the opponent before it executes, resulting in escapes and free punishes so I’ve been trying the f+Mp kara cancel method and im usually so spazzy trying to get the command I fuck it up and just f+Mp or something else goes wrong so I came up with this method for 8 button stick:

f+ppp+kkk*keep mashing

b+ppp+KKK*keep mashing

Hitting f+ppp force f+mp to occur since command moves opt over normals. In the Super you’ll notice I slam f repeatedly along with kkk an input early. I do this simply for consistency since I accidentally will sometimes input the 2nd “f” too late since going “f” to neutral then “f” so quick can feel awkward trying to be precise. However with the ultra I find it easy to sneak the “b” in the proper time for some reason. I like this method because you dont have to concern yourself with missing an input, really its all about timing the directional input.

I also dont see any real draw backs to this method.


How do you plink lk? The only thing with lower priority than a lk is lp but plinking would result in a throw. Or did you mean to plink something else?


WTF is this bullshit :confused:


Unfortunately, due to SF4s noob friendly input shortcuts, it is very possible…:wonder:

We?ve always jokes that you could just mash lp lk hp and a direction and the super or ultra would come out but I never though some one would intentionally execute this way by mashing EVERYTHING and a direction haha? to each his own though, who am I to judge. :confused:


I’m guessing he is using the 3P and 3K buttons. At an arcade cabinet, you’d have to x3 mash your palm or forehead on the buttons.


if u want any ultra in the game, just mash 360s and 3k+3p


Play that Vampire Savior or CVS2 Morrigan and learn how to demon off of short -> fierce.


It may sound scrubby with my method but think of it this way:

:r:+mp+lp, lp, :r:/:l:+lk+hp
5 button presses over 4 different buttons needing to be in specific order
My way:**
:r:+3p, 3p, :r:/:l:+3p+3k
4 button presses over 2 different buttons that can be mashed with a direction after the first input that negates a need for a specific order

I am a low level player, but logic is telling me this is the easiest and actually most accurate way to f+mp kara Super/Ultra. Why would you use a notation that requires more effort and risk mis-timing or not coming out at all? Unless there is something in the games engine I am missing (very possible), when would the proper input EVER be superior to this method? Efficiency is pro, no?

Making inputs more reliable and accurate is more important than focusing on unnecessary precision dictated by the bare minimal commands. If anything this method tightens the potential flurry of motions that will yield worse mistakes trying to dance across each button on instinct. I by no means feel the moves are hard, but I’m finding a higher success rate with this method without having to focus so much on the strict timing to kara it.

I’m really surprised no one has ever mentioned this method before. Did I just invent the “Fanboy Scrub Method” to be used by pros?


(and yes this is of course being done with 3p and 3k buttons on an 8 button stick. Also let it be noted while 3p+3k will do a Focus Attack it WILL NOT if inputted during :r:+mp’s motion, so no fear of FADC’ing out of it)

In all seriousness though…tell me if I’m right or wrong because I plan to adopt this method, and being such a low level player I fear there is an oversight in my argument.