How can i do Doom's flight loop?

Can anyone give me a tutorial or something on how to do it?

hmm flight combo simple or TAC ?
for flight combo it’s simple, input:
in the air
:m:,dash,:m:,fly,:l:,:m: (,dash,:m:,:m:)x3, Footdive,:s: (easier)

and for the TAC you are many alternatives and original combo but i post the easier
(when you TAC by the down)

:l::l::m:,footdive, dash,:m:,fly,:l::m:,dash:l::m: Udash :l::m: dash :m::m:dash:m::m::h::m::m:,:qcf::l:,:m:,:dp::h:,sphere flame

(when you Tac by the top)
:m:,:m:,Footdive, FDdash,:m:,:qcf::l:,:m:,fly,:m::m:dash:m::m:dash:m::m::h::m::m:,:qcf::l:,:m::dp::h:,sphere flame

TAC Doom end it’s ever the same : :m::h::m::m:,:qcf::l:,:m::dp::h:,sphere flame)
you can remplace sphere flame or molecular shield by other input like a snap back, or remplace sphere flame with a lvl3 hyper
and i have a advice, after the last plasma beam :l: wait some micro second for add :m: for be more close to the floor

FDdash= forward down dash
udash= up dash
footdive= :f::h:
sphere flame= :dp::atk::atk:

sorry for my english i’m french lol