How can i do ibuki's kunai crossover

in training mode i set the dummy to auto-block, but every time i use the kunai in the air and land next to and hitting opponent hitting light punch to start my combo, it blocks the light punch. what are the step required to perform that corss over?

So… does the kunai hit or is it blocked?

you cant use training mode to practice the kunai mixup, autoblock always wakes up with a block and the computer cant be fooled by crossups. likewise, you cant record the computer walking one direction then knock them down and try and practice kunai mixups.

the only ways to practice kunai mixups is to use a rubberband/book/something heavy to hold the joystick/pad in place (left or right) or have a friend help… i used the heavy object method.


i do not knock the CPU down then attempt the kunai cross over, but do it whilst it is stood up. But even then, the kunai still hits the dummy and when i land next to it, i cant continue my combo with light punch.

[]Set Ryu to mash DP in Record
]Turn him to STAND
[]Use Neckbreaker (knock him over)
]As Neckbreaker is hitting, set Ryu to Replay
[*]Practice using the Kunai
If you’re doing this correctly, Ryu will Juggle.
The reason why they’re blocking the next attack is because you’re throwing the Kunai too late, so it’s hitting their chest area and not their legs. This means Ibuki has a longer time to fall to the ground to start the combo.

Well, the method Izuna just mentioned works great, because you also experience the DP punish if your vortex fails. Dime_X, wouldn´t it be much easier if you set the CPU to Human withoud any heavy thing?? Since it´s not a CPU anymore, the character shouldn´t block any longer(or am I thinking wrong?).

Or just play Human vs. CPU using Cammy set to Expert difficulty setting. She will Cannon Spike you every time you throw a Kunai, and come down attacking when it’s not a true block-string.

I just started to play with Ibuki and wanted to begin working on the basic vortex. This is what I am doing.

Neckbreaker, Super Jump, Low Kunai, Target combo 4. Repeat process. So far I believe I have to super jump to make this work please let me know if I am wrong.

I started out having issues throwing the Kunai after the super jump but I have solved this problem. I have a tendency to throw the Kunai and have it go over the opponents head and barley miss him/her what is causing this to happen? Also I have a tendency every so often to perform her Super combo attempting this.

You don’t have to super jump to make it work. If you do an earlier timed jump you can still make it work. SJ will always be safer though.

Dunno about the head part. Are you jumping/kunaiing too late? Try uploading a video.

You’re getting super probably because you do :qcf::uf: for your super jump, like most of us. Either watch your SJ input or use regular jump.

After practicing a little more last night I no longer have that issue. I either land the kunai or he blocks it with his elbow. I have begun to land it a lot more after practicing but I am curious, I was reading an article about making the kunai land on different parts of the body as to keep your opponent guessing but I have yet to figure out how to do that. I can only get the kunai to follow the same path I seems like the timing is pretty strict. Any input?

Where the kunai lands doesn’t matter. As long as it’s meaty. What’s more important is where Ibuki is in her jump. It’s just that sometimes you can use where the kunai lands to gauge jump timing.