How can I double 360?

Characters like Zangief, Hugo etc. require me to double 360. I can do it easly with a d-pad but I jump everytime with a joystick.

What are the known techniqes for this?

Buffer it into something. Like if you get a dizzy and want to 720 them, you can either focus attack -> 720 or taunt -> 720.

Taunt buffered 720s are god tier.


Yea, I know how to buffer but is there a way to do it regularly?

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That was also my reaction.


The secret to standing 720 is to spin the stick really really fast.

also don’t ride the gate

Hah, I’ve never thought of taunting into ultras…Odd.

Thanks! Gonna try this with my Blanka. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, and you input the 720 motion while you’re dash-cancelling out of the Focus Attack. If you don’t want to follow up with a Focus Attack against a dizzied opponent, you can just forward dash and input the motion. You can also jump towards your opponent and input the motion in the air or neutral jump if you’re already close enough to your opponent.

There’s other ways to buff the Ultra and hide the inputs like during Zangief’s c.MK, Lariat and Banishing Flat. If these moves are blocked and you end up close enough to your opponent, the Ultra can possibly connect if your opponent doesn’t see it coming. You gotta be mad random with it, lol.

What in the…:wonder:

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Anyway, for Hugo the easiest way to buffer into 720 off a blocked normal is basically separate the motion into two 360s. For instance, do a Clap, and do the first 360 motion, then hold forward(this is crucial), walk forward a little and do another quick 360 and Punch. Voila, walk-up Gigas.

There is also dash-up Gigas, which is easier to do since all you have to do is a quick 720 as he recovers from the dash.

The same applies for a whiffed UOH into Gigas.

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I think the OP’s question specifically had to do with using a stick. I recommend going into training mode and turning on Input Data. I started using a 360 pad and the analog stick, which makes 360 insanely easy - especially if you’re mashing (which is just a weird term to use when talking about 360s…but basically I mean spinning the stick wildly).

Then when I transitioned to a fightstick, I couldn’t do a standing SPD for a while. I went into training and turned out input data and realized I wasn’t getting :db::d::df: . I was doing a 360 motion with my wrist, but I wasn’t going down far enough, and so :r::uf::u::ub::l::r::p: was what was being registered. I started making sure I pulled down far enough, and blamo, I’m back to doing walking and standing SPDs.

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But yeah, OP, depending on the game you’re playing, there might be shortcuts to the 360 motion. For example, in 3S, all you need is this: :r::df::d::db::l::ub:, which is only 225 of motion. If you double that, you can get away with 550 for “720.” That cuts down on a lot of time, when you’re talking about fractions of a second.