How can I fix this?


I have this stick here

I purchased it last July. Now, the stick is broken. Not sure what the problem is. Sometimes I can’t jump and other times I’m stuck crouching unless I wiggle the stick really hard. Is there a way to open this case up and fix/replace the stick or am I screwed?


Looked the the links and there was a pic of it taken apart so it looks possible. Sounds like something is loose causing a short.


I saw that as well, but I can’t, for the life our me, figure out how to open it up. There are no visible screws, panels, or openings on the entire thing.


Looks like there are 4 screws that hold the bottom on judging by the amazon picture. I’d see if they are under some rubber feet on the bottom of the case maybe?


Under the stick, ptry off the rubber feet, there you find your Screws