How can I get better at charge characters


I’m having a bit of a problem I want to move from Ryu to M.Bison in sfv but I suck at charge and I’m still a rookie I can only do 3 hit combo moves using charge moves in combo is a hard jump for me only one I can really do is lp lp psycho blast and that’s it any tips on utilizing charge moves in combo and charge in general feel free to just link a other post or link to a site that goes in detail about this subject I would greatly appreciate it thanks for any help


Practice moving the stick to holding down back immediately after executing a charge move. So when you do scissor kick, instead of doing back, forward kick; hit back, forward, (down)back kick. This will give you maximum time to start charging for your next special move. This is how you see guiles throwing out tons of sonic booms one after the other.

As far as combing with charge moves. Same concept. You have to hold down back as soon as possible before starting the combo. If you are jumping in, start holding it as soon as you leave the ground. Dashing it, starting holding in as soon as you finish dashing. This allows you to start building up charge for strings of normals that don’t last long enough to cover charge time.

Be intimately familiar with your normals. You will need to rely on them a bit more than you would with a motion character like Ryu. This is because you may not always have charge to stop your opponent’s actions or open them up. So the only thing left is a normal.

One last thing. Since you are going to want to be holding down-back and back as much as possible, you are going to need to be able to stand and crouch over and over again without jumping. This sounds easy because you may be used to doing that to block overheads, but with charge characters its a bit different. You will be holding back MUCH more than when you hold it for Ryu. So it is easy to accidentally go too far up and jump as you stand.

  1. look up bnb combos for the character you’re trying to play
  2. go to training mode and practice
  3. get used to always going to downback



Thanks for the advice everyone i appreciate it