How can I get better at Umvc3?

My ass is getting constantly kicked, even by total scrubs that use zero, setinel and doom and just spam assists. I use Hulk, Captain America and Wolverine which isn’t a bad team, and I can pump out some awesome combos if I get a chance (Which is never online). For some reason I can’t seem to block effectively, start a combo or stop one. I know I can beat some of these people, but they always use a cheap ass team and I can’t do anything about it.
Anybody got some tips? or do i just need to keep having my ass handed to me over and over and over again by cheap teams until I break down and use one?

Play lots of matches.

make a team with better synergy/assists (seriously, you’re just running three point characters, none of them is doing anything for the others)

practice blocking by turning the training mode AI on, and just focus on defense. it’s not perfect, but you’ll get a feel for it at least.

play cheap. Marvel is not the kind of game won by “playing fair”

So wesker, doom and setinel?

Play who you like.

Put the determination and work into said team.

Work on neutral.


Marvel’s not a 5-minute-to-sucess game.

when i say play cheap, i don’t mean pick characters that take minimal effort. that’s not cheap, that’s just easy.

cheap as in use broken setups to assert your gameplan onto your opponent. Morrigan soul fist spam, unblockable setups, that kinda stuff.

Something like Cap/Doom/Wesker would work more. You got the hidden missiles for the mixup and the gunshot for an otg. BnB all day.

UMVC is a game that capitalizes on rewarding offensive strategies, whether that be through zoning or rushdown. Maybe the problem isn’t your blocking, as much as it is the amount of times you ***find ***yourself blocking. I had a lot of trouble learning when to block and when to attack during my first months of MVC3 as well, believe me. But first of all, I would focus on finding a team that you’re absolutely satisfied with, and then ***stick with them. ***Try not to deviate from this team as much as possible, until you know the ins and outs of your three characters.

Also, I cannot stress this point enough as it is possibly the most important part of the learning expirience: Train, train, train, train, ***train. ***Literally spend hours in the lab just practicing your combos, tweaking your assists, finding out how much synergy your team has together and learning how you’re going to have to play out that team. Seriously, you need to be doing combos over and over and over again until the only way you can fuck them up is due to serious lag. This is an essential as well as crucial part to getting better. Learning how not to panic and how to actually land hit confirms, is something that’s more really learned in the heat of battle. Trust me, go online after practicing. You still might get your ass beat, but you’ll be suprised at how much information you retained. Learn how ABC combos work for each character (it’s usually just L>M>H>S>Air M>Air M>Air H>Air S), then follow it up with super.

And if you’re looking for a few teams to try out…here are a few that I’ve had good experiences with:

Vergil: Rapid Slash/Wesker: Samurai Edge/Dormammu: Dark Hole
This team is pretty damn solid, and is the main one I use. Vergil is already probably the best character in the game, but with Wesker OTG and Dormammu’s Black Hole he can be a force to be reckoned with. Wesker’s assist can act as a handy combo extender that can get you another good 200k at least, leading into super. I don’t know how familiar you are with all the characters, because Dormmy and Vergil and be a little execution tricky, but I’d really take the time to try and master them because they really are great characters.

Wolverine: Beserker Barrage/ Magneto: Magnetic Disruptor/ Doom: Hidden Missles
This team has awesome keepaway game combined with Wolverine’s crazy rushdown. Wolverine likes Doom’s missles because he can get in a lot better and force the opponent to make decisions.

Dante: Jam Session/ Wesker: Samurai Edge/ Nemesis: Clothesline Rocket
Dante has some advanced tactics (if you’re gonna use him, look up something called bold cancelling) and is a really good character all around, much like Vergil. Learn when to use his teleport (which is down, down, S) and don’t spam it, because it is a very vulnerable teleport and all someone has to do to avoid it is walk backwards. Try to use Hammer after teleport (QCF+L, then press L again) instead of just pressing Air S. It works out better. Also, Nemesis is thought to be a pretty low tier character but people damn well respect his super armor when he attacks. Nemesis CAN be an excellent factor if you KNOW HOW TO USE HIM AS ONE. In fact some of his most basic combos into super could touch of death your opponent. If you take him to the lab, learn how to get around his slowness and use assists. Hit the opponent with Ground S when they least expect it.

Think I’ve pretty much covered your questions, unless you have any more.

That sounds like a really bad team to me unless you can explain some sort of incredible synergy that i’m not seeing. You have a character on Anchor who has no good assists, backing two characters that need good assists to be effective.

I would suggest you don’t understand this game, and you need to put the time into playing to actually grasp how the game works before you start throwing out the cheap card. Plenty of people use unorthodox teams, but they’re constructed to work extremely well together. You can’t just throw three dudes you can play on a team.

Play training mode before every set you play.
Make sure you can land every single one of your combos 10 times in a row before playing.
Look for ways to expand damage, figure out some new resets, counters to opponents moves, movement(plink dashing in the ground and air, backwards wavedash)

Work on your neutral

  • dont whiff anything ever

  • focus on avoiding bad situations(like being forced to block a ton of mix ups from sent drones)
    by pushblocking and super jumping

  • pay attention to what your opponent is doing at all times. know exactly how to counter whatever you anticipate them doing (Example: if you notice them jumping after doing strings then air grab them)

This thread is off to a roaring start.

EDIT: I stopped reading after that, then went back, reread the message, and facepalmed even harder when I read this -

Want to get better at this game OP? Don’t play anchor Hulk or Nemesis.

Put sentinel as your anchor, chose haggar as your second, spam jumping pipe with haggar + jumping s and standing h with hulk while mashing assist 2. Profit.

I lol’d at Hulk being a good anchor too.

Are you fucking out of your mind?
There is no way in hell you play this game.
The shit people say.

never… everrrrrrrr… play Nemesis as your anchor…

this comes from a seasoned Nemesis player (been playing him since day 1 of ultimate)… The few times that I have somehow fucked up my team order and left with Nemesis with LVL3 XFAC, I lost most of them. The only way you can pull off a comeback with Nemesis is to study your opponents movement (do they jump a lot, stay grounded most of the time) and command grab them which is how I have managed heroic comebacks with dirty noodle man and even then youre gonna have to play damn near perfect

the only big boy char that works as anchor IMO and even then still sucks is Sentinel… Hulk, Thor and Haggar can all be lamed out easily

want my advice? dont pick big body chars until you learn the game

I’m sorry to hear that not all of you are capable of using Nemesis or Hulk as an anchor, but those are the teams I used and it worked out just fine for me. If you can’t make it work then that’s your own fucking problem. What I find to be funny is that out of my entire wall of text all you were able to fixate on was that one sentence, disregarding all of the other shit I said.

I admit, I exaggerated. Should have probably said that they are two of *my *favorites. But it doesn’t really change the fact that I’ve had a lot of success with the teams I’ve listed, nor does it change some of the truth in my words. Nemesis **does **deal awesome damage. He **can **TOD most characters. Cap **is **great on point.

In essence, just pick a team that YOU want. Find that team, and stick with it. Doesn’t really matter if they’re big bodied or not. Dormmy and Sentinel are huge and both of them (at least Sentinel with Mags) are good characters.

If not anything else, just take my advice on the training methods I talked about.

Listen to the people that are trying to help you rather than the ones bitching about people trying to help you. At least Trendsetta’s input was useful; Nonsexual Rice’s however was just typical seeing as how he was on my ass in the music thread as well. This guy seriously doesn’t get the concept of preference.

EvilDave…bravo on just regurgitating the opposite of what I said. :tup:

I implore you to explain to me how Hulk with meter, who has a whopping a 0% XF3 speed boost and 3 unsafe on block hypers is one of the best anchors in the game.

The fact that Hulk and Nemesis’ clear best spot is on point and their clear worst spot is on anchor because they are among the worst anchors in the game shows you don’t have a firm grasp of the game.

Must… avoid… hating… on MvC 3!!!

EDIT: Meaning I was gonna say, why would you want to get better at this garbage of a game?

Did you read anything I said? Like where I admitted that I exaggerated?

I don’t know that much about Hulk, most of my experience with him is through watching and that’s just what I had gathered. Doesn’t mean I don’t know anything about how Marvel 3 works. That’s just asinine.

I guess he isn’t that great of an anchor, seeing the information you’ve provided. Alright. I didn’t know and now I do. Now would that have been such a hard thing to do the first time rather than just spouting off bullshit like your first comment? :wtf:

For all intents and purpose, Ultimate is the first Fighter I’m trying to get into with the goal of at some point, competing in a major. Either in the UK or USA. It’s also the first I’m playing with a stick after years of Namco fighters like Calibur and Tekken on a PS2/3 and GC pad.

But I was getting really frustrated earlier trying to do the basic of basic stuff, with two characters I thought I was at least half way decent at.

A tiger-knee motion Rocket Punch or Akuma Beam Hyper after hitting people into a Hard Knockdown or after a Raging Demon. I would feel that I pushed the stick right front Down to Forward with quickly going to Up and then hitting 2 buttons. But about 2 out of 10 times Akuma will tiger Knee into his Beam Hyper.

Even air fireballs are a pain to do at times, I get his air normals 90% of the time and I know there is a jump height restriction, but waiting until I’m up at the top of the jump, I throw the stick around it’s gate to do a :qcf: :hp: and all I see is Akuma lunge his leg out.
DP motions are also being a complete pain to do on reaction to punish, or just to do at random.

I’ve done muscle practice/training regime in terms of doing 10 QCF Fireball with Akuma without doing anything but a Fireball. I do this for about an hour, then go online with a Ryu(Tatsu)/Sent(Drones)/Akuma(Tatsu) and what happens every time, is that I even suck at doing Tatsu’s when I want to.

I’m the guy that’s standing full screen randomly doing lights when I all I’m wanting is a random hurricane kick.Is Ultimate, a 3vs3 game just not a game for me? Should I put it aside and go get a 1vs1 Capcom fighter like AE or 3Strike.

I mainly at the moment, just want to be able to actually throw out some attacks and do very, very basic combos and have fun. At the moment I’m trying to jump in and hit people, only for me to look for a air Fireball to cover my approach, only to get a random normal.

I seriously don’t want to go back to the shitty PS3 pad, I couldn’t do air Fireballs whenever I wanted with it either, but I could at least have fun with it, just having random fun matches with my brother offline.

Other than hitting a lab and injecting some “Wong Factor” into my veins, is there something mentally, physically or equipment wise I could do just to make things more fun. Because fun is the first and most important matter here.

[FONT=times new roman]Once I can actually do the Mission mode combos with a good number of characters and I’m confident in fishing for random hits to confirm into a combo, without being touch of death by someone at random, due to trying like hell just to get a random air Fireball with Akuma, or Air Tatsu with Ryu or any other move that should be safe that are done at range in order to get in to start combos.[/FONT]

[FONT=times new roman]I have forgotten, what even killing one character without a happy birthday feels like.[/FONT]

[FONT=times new roman]I just want to play my game, without feeling like I need to throw my stick at the TV.[/FONT]

My suggestion to new players is always find 1 character you love and focus just learning them and their valid team position. Until you have a firm grasp of the character, copy team combinations other people use until you feel ready to start creating your own ideas. I do this all the time where I build a generic team with doom and task, then whoever i wanna learn till i understand them. I bring this up because that is a terrible team. They are good characters, but absolutely missing the point of how to use them.

[*]Hulk - 1st or 2nd, no exceptions. He is not an anchor, I don’t care if he has X-factor lvl 7 and 30 meter. He’s unsafe, has issues getting in, and his only way to open someone up is if he can pin someone down for a command throw set up or beat out moves with his armor. Hulk needs assists to keep him safe either by DHC or making his charges safe with an assist. He can also make use of good zoning assists to get in and keep abusing :h:'s.

[*]Captain - As a Cap player, I can tell you with a LOT of experience…he probably should be 1st. Arguments can be made for 2nd, but in most cases he’s a point character. Cap also has the same assist issues Hulk has, he’s VERY unsafe, can’t get in, and can’t open a person up without an assist to help. You need an assist to help him zone and to set up cross ups. Assists that make his hypers and charging stars safe are also great.

[*]Wolverine - He can play anchor…but it’s a big WHY? He’s a character that benefits hugely from assists to get in and start using berserker slash cross ups. He also can do instant over heads if they block an assist standing than go to crouch. If he’s anchor, he loses a lot of what makes him amazing and you are forced to constantly burn meter to keep him safe.
Next, you need to learn to deal with common derpy strategies. This game rewards offensive combinations, but you still need to learn how to block and when to just get away. Sometimes you can build a team with defensive answers to avoid bad scenarios. I use Cap/Vergil and I very frequently abuse Charging Star + rapidslash assist to push my opponent away. Don’t focus so much on playing your character too, play the match up. Many characters can force you to play differently. When I play Cap vs Zero, my whole game is staying away from his sword and jumping to bait busters while I spam shield, when I play vs Trish my strategy is purely to try and get in her face as much as possible and lock her down with assists. Learn what characters can and can’t do and don’t let them create favorable scenarios. If you’re losing to foot dives from Doom, don’t take risks when he’s above you, just block block block and block till you’re not in danger anymore.

Try not to think of them as cheap characters or cheap teams (even though yes there are some…but no one is unbeatable…even Zero May Cry has tough matchups.) You need synergy and synergy can be more than just combo extensions. You can have characters with flaws like Captain America, and use the right combination of assists and fix his match ups issues by providing better space control and things that let him abuse normally undesirable options like random CS’s on block.