How can i get better with normal chars?

I only play charges. to be more specific my main is blanka but I also play guile boxer and sumo.

I would like to play yun and rufus.

sorry if this is in the wrong sec. I was not sure where to put it.

More playing/reading like a 80/20 ratio.
Less posting shit like this.

This is the least helpful reply ever

Understand that the object of those characters is to get your opponent to the corner or to get them to block a divekick. The way to both of those objectives is walking forward and winning the footsie game.

I am not sure if charge characters utilize this but you need to be proficient with buffering your special moves into whiffed normals, as well as generally walking forward and blocking.

The biggest difference between Charge and normal is normal characters are more reaction based. A charged special move has to be planned, where you can pull a SRK or fireball motion out of your ass on demand. An important skill is buffering a special move while doing a normal poke. an example is using Ryu doing a crouching medium kick and then doing the motion for a fireball and hitting a punch button. If the medium kick wiffs the special will not come out, but if it connects (hit or block) the fireball comes out. just be sure to do this with safe moves from your character of choice.

I can do the moves its just that i can never win with them. I can go like 5-0 with blanka and maybe 1-10 with rufus.

Because Blanka has great match ups at the lower levels of play lol. It takes time

It’s because he’s made several threads like this within the past 2 weeks, all of which deal with similar problems, all of which he’s received several of the same answers.