How can I get my Spec. Passes for evo?


The registration is gone and I just realize I’m going to vegas. Is there another way to get in?


Nope. They’re all sold-out at this point. Your best bet is to just watch it in the stream room (for free) with everybody else that couldn’t get in.


You can get in on Friday and Saturday of Evo…just know that:

  1. People with competitor/spectator badges get priority seating at panels.
  2. People with competitor/spectator badges get to watch the Sunday finals live, while the rest have to go to the nearby stream room.


Oh ok, so I can get in for free but don’t get front row? That’s cool! Btw is Combofiend or Filipino champ going to be in this?


Most likely…they’ve been in plenty of the Road to Evo tournaments.


You can spectate for free on Friday and Saturday. You don’t need a special pass or anything like that on those days.

It’s just Sunday that you are required to have a spectator pass or be a tourney entrant in order to even go into the ballroom. It’s more likely that Peter and Ryan will be participating on finals on Sunday. But if you really want to meet them and say what’s up, just find them walking around the ballroom on Fri./Sat.


Does evo have adapters too for xbox 360 sticks?


No, and all consoles are run on PS3. I suggest you either find or make a friend who has a ps3 stick, or beg strangers at Evo (preferably in your pool), to borrow their sticks.

If you have further questions regarding Evo, I suggest you go to their website and look it up. You can’t just change the topic in the middle of your thread; that tends to irritate forum members and mods alike.