How can I get out of this?


For the last 2-3 weeks I have been playing so bad, I am not thinking anymore and just doing shit.
It’s like i’m not even looking at the opponents character but just gazing in the middle of the screen and do automatic, patterned moves over and over again. Sometimes I just lose to complete beginners doing and I just let them rock because it feels like I just didn’t care for winning that match and went play that same method for 10 more matches.

For instance in SF4/SFxT I just let people jump on me when I could’ve anti-aired just easily.


You’re already thinking about why you’re losing, and you’ve outlined what happens. So do the opposite.


If you’re really feeling that way and not thinking, then you need to obviously start thinking. If you really are losing your mojo for the fighting games, just take a break or quit it in full.

Whenever I’m feeling like you I just leave my character standing and do anti-airs when they jump and when they get closer I just throw out a normal at the right distance to hit them. If they start throwing fireballs I just keep jumping straight up.


Try taking a break. Try a new character or game. Your chi is stagnant, do something new to get the energy flowing and start having fun again.

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Taking a break does help, sometimes a week away from the game is the best practice you can give yourself.