How can I help the Juri forums?

I can sticky/unsticky, move, merge, delete, and update threads. How can I help you guys?

I only suggest three changes:
[]Un-sticky the old Juri tutorial thread and somebody make another one (we can make it a community effort as well?)
]Have one combo thread that covers everything instead of three.
[*]Update the Juri forum guide because of changes mentioned above :stuck_out_tongue:

SRK has always been a hub of vast information. Unfortunately, it’s never organized and always growing. It would take a long time to update anything with all the posts made about combos and match-up tidbits randomly found on any given page. The only way I can see anyone organizing this huge pile of info-junk is by making a new thread and have a dedicated person update it often with help from everyone. Not like the guys who start a thread with all the intentions in the world then leave somewhere never to be seen again once they realize starting those kinds of threads take a lot of time and require a lot of responsibility for it’s upkeep.

Lock dumb threads: The end of our Queen's reign?

The Makoto forum has a shared account that is used to update their big guide. Access to the account is given to a few people that are good at sharing knowledge and keeping info updated.

Maybe we could do something like that so it could be a group effort to keep the thread updated?

Interesting =)

Fixed that for you!

Investigate (and possibly delete) Ten Zen’s posts. I really think he’s some kind of troll.

Chun-Li forums has similar, one mega thread where one can start, and then it links to the other relevant stickies/threads


Ok, I unstickied the old Juri Tutorial Thread.

I agree. We are always looking for active members to manage their character subforums.

I noticed that you guys have 2 combo stickied threads:

  1. [FONT=Trebuchet MS]Juri Combos: What works on who?[/FONT]
    [FONT=Trebuchet MS]2) “We’re through playing around.” Juri Combo Thread[/FONT]

[FONT=Trebuchet MS]Is there anybody here willing to make a new Combo thread and manage it?[/FONT]

I’ll leave that up to you guys. LMK when you guys make a decision.

So I checked out Ten_Zen, and he joined SRK on 06-20-11 and was last active on 06-21-11. He posted a lot on Cody’s Meaty Combo thread and An Ultimatum for Juri thread. Some posts he made were far-fetched but overall he sounded genuine so I’ll leave him alone for now. If he comes back and continues to act that way, use the report button at the bottom of his future post and I’ll get on it ASAP.

I don’t mind compiling the list of combos everyone has already contributed and make one big thread. I think Ultra I discussion should also be consolidate in there. I’ll get on it after work today :3


Since I’ll be mostly practicing for a couple of upcoming tournaments, It will probably take a while for me to finish the combo thread.

Check the SSF4 (not AE) wiki on SRK for combos. Some stuff is different now, but I think it’s mostly the same.

Thanks, I’ll check the wiki and will be looking forward to everyone feedback to make sure the combos posted are relevant.

Perfect. LMK when it’s finished.

Wanted to point out, the purpose of the “What work on who” and the Combo thread are different. The what works thread is focused on character specific combos and compiling lists on who they work on, whereas the combo thread contains a concise list of her combos. Admittedly the old “combo thread” could be merged with the tutorial or simply delegated into the Wiki. But I think its important to keep the What works on who -thread.

I’m hoping someone is planning to transfer over the info in the “Tutorial guide” thread to a new sticky thread, as i think the information there is 99% still current, and a very good guide for new Juri’s. In fact, I’d almost recommend restoring sticky to Tutorial Guide thread, until the new thread is prepared, as we have a small influx of new Juri players due to AE PC version, and the guide is still very good despite being dated pre-AE.

Unfortunately I can’t commit to maintaining a thread, as I cannot guarantee enough time to keep it updated, so it would be irresponsible to do so. The shared account for some of the high maintenance threads might not be a bad idea (tutorial / forum guide / matchup thread?)

Here’s my opinion of the current status of the Juri forum stickies:

Running smoothly, no need for changes:
“Mmm… You look like you’re in good shape”: Juri Q&A and General Discussion Thread.
Purple Eyes Only: Juri Video Thread (Updated: 9-28-10)
Ultra I - Feng Shui Engine
Juri Combos: What works on who?
Full-time Purple Spider Lesbian: Juri Match-up/Strategy Thread (This needs an update, but that seems to be progressing along)

Information is still relevant, but could potentially be updated / rolled into one of the other threads:
“We’re through playing around.” Juri Combo Thread

These two I’m unsure on. The forum guide is mostly broken links, needs an update. The Find-A-Friend thread, while nice, seems mostly unused, could be dropped? What do other people think?
Disappoint me… and I’ll murder you - Juri Forum Guide (READ BEFORE POSTING!)
Juri Find-A-Friend Thread!

Should be restickied and is fairly current, but could use an update / new maintainer (not sure if Killey is still around):
Juri Tutorial Guide - Beginner to Advanced

I have the combo thread 85% done. However,if most people on the Juri forums are fine with the way things are like you, then I won’t bother finishing it. I can also agree about the tutorial thread as well - I kinda feel like it’s my fault for it being down in the first place and it does have good info.

If you’ve prepared a new combo thread, I’m sure it could replace “We’re through playing around.” Juri Combo Thread, as while that is still good, it is somewhat dated and Zujira isn’t extremely active on the Juri boards. And things can and should always be improved.

But my opinion is we should still keep Mike’s what works thread, as that is a very good resource and may be too fine details for a general combo thread.

Ultra I FSE thread could be rolled into your combo thread (as it is just a link to the information in the Wiki). So the link can be in the combo thread OP, as I doubt we need a separate thread just for discussing FSE. I had forgotten Dr.Grammar moved the FSE combos / info to the Wiki.

I could actually volunteer to take over the “front page thread” - forum guide. As that doesn’t require enormous amounts of work, simply long term commitment to updating it. I’ll look into making one this weekend.

Honestly, I don’t like this guide. No offense. Having a Beginner to Advanced guide is the wrong way to go about it. Have a beginner thread and an advanced tactics thread.

When a Juri beginner goes and looks at that, I’m sure he or she is very overwhelmed. That thread is just a load of useful information, but most of it is not for a beginner. A beginner guide needs simple: strategies, combos, air-to-airs, anti-airs, dos and don’ts, etc. Not frame data, a write-up of every normal and special, etc.

It isn’t that the guide is bad, but how much is a beginner, or even an advanced player (outside of frame data and dmg/stun info) going to take from that thread. It is a good (the FSE part is a good piece), but massive write-up of Juri (with tons of dead links/removed videos).

Since I’m the one complaining, I am more than willing to make a Beginner’s Guide to Juri. When someone is learning something or wants to be taught poetry, you don’t handle them a Poetry Almanac, you had them a collection of short, simple poems.

Just giving my 2 cents, I’d unsticky Find-A-Friend and I’d unsticky the Forum Guide (which is just a list of things we already have stickied).

Thanks for making me feel like I’m not the only person who wants to see the guide redone and I feel both of our views are similar. If you’d like, I’ll be more than willing to help you with the guide. I’ve got an idea for how I want the table of contents broken down and I’ll send it to you when I get off work. Doing a beginners guide can take a lot of work and I’m down for helping you out.

I should also be done with the Combo Guide by this weekend. I’ve stopped going to tournaments for while, so I’ll have more free time to finish it.

Yeah sure man. I don’t mind being helped at all. I’ll give you credit for whatever you contribute of course, and I’m interested to see what you have in mind. I already started it, but I’m sure if you have some good ideas and I can change things. I’m flexible