How can I help the Makoto forums?

I can sticky/unsticky, move, merge, delete, and update threads. How can I help you guys?

The Pre-release Archive, SSFIV Makoto Thread, and Kara Compendium stickies have to go.

I’d like it if you merged the “Hey man, you’re guessing wrong!” and “Makoto Wake-up and Post-Hayate Mix-ups” threads somehow, though we’re going to get that information in the AEMAKOTO Guide soon.

The AEMAKOTO Guide should be renamed to “AEMAKOTO Guide and Q&A: Ask all questions here!” and become stickied, because our forum is littered with topics that deserve one reply at most, if not already answered somewhere in our plethora of stickies.

Oh, and we have to get the Hitbox data into the AEMAKOTO Guide and delete that sticky as well.

If you could delete the thread named “IA tsujguri kick” or Rename it “IA Tsurugi” I’d be a happy man.

First I woud like to declare your awesomeness. You, are awesome.

Now to business.

I have personally compiled just about all of all relevant non-sticky info into the AE Makoto thread (you’d be surprised… its not much lol). And as questions are asked, we can add them to the new thread as well. I personally think that all non sticky threads that were created prior to June 7th should be deleted. I also think that all other threads that were made after June 7th that are non combat based should be merged into one randome question thread. That should alleviate almost every type of spam and clutter we have in here. The new information is well organized, and is easy to find. So there should be no more searching for days for an answer.

Really appreciate any help you can provide.

-Strategy/Match-ups needs to be updated to AE info, but has merit enough to stay. Needs to have an active creator.
-The Video Thread, maybe change the name to something like “Makoto Video Thread/Match Critiques”, is fine; though it would be nice to have the creator be someone who is still active.
-Kara Compendium’s info may be in other places, but no where else has it compiled or organized in such an easy to find format; it should also help keep ‘I can’t do kara-Karakusa’ threads’ to a minumum.
-Info from Tips and Tricks, Move-list and Combo Thread, and Wake-up and Post-Hayate Mix-up Thread could easily have a place in the AEMAKOTO Guide.
-Hit-box data thread is fine.
-Sticky the AEMAKOTO Guide

I see no other reason for the other stickies. You can’t totally prevent random threads from popping up, but Mossad Man’s idea of deleting everything prior to June 7th and merging the rest into a random question thread is sound.

Sorry for the lag guys. I’m also managing the main SSF4 Board and organizing other character subforums:

  1. Pre-release Archive Thread, SSFIV Makoto Thread, and Kara Compendium Thread has been unstickied.
  2. If I merge “Hey man, you’re guessing wrong!” Thread and “Makoto Wake-up and Post-Hayate Mix-ups” Thread, all the posts will be organized by their date making “Hey man, you’re guessing wrong!” the main thread. Is that ok with you guys?
  3. Changed AEMAKOTO Guide’s name to “AEMAKOTO Guide and Q&A: Ask all questions here!” and it’s been stickied.

I can do that for you but it looks like AEMAKOTO is managing AEMAKOTO Guide thread. Would it be better if she does it?


Thank you : )

Done. I left the threads that were recently made or I thought was significant. If you want me to delete those threads, LMK and I’ll delete’em for you guys.

  1. We are always looking for active members to manage their character subforums. Is there anybody here willing to make/manage a new Strategy/Match-up thread?
  2. Is there anybody here willing to make and manage a new Video thread?
  3. Kara Compendium’s thread has been unstickied. Is there anything else I should do to that thread?
  4. I can do that for you but it looks like AEMAKOTO is managing AEMAKOTO Guide thread. Would it be better if she does it?
  5. Ok.
  6. Done.

Thanks so much! Man you have been a great help.

Just so you know, AEMAKOTO is a group account. there are about 5 or 6 of us who contributed using the account. We all have the username and password, so we can handle everything with her.

Awesomeness? Again? You ever in chicago, I owe you beers lol.

No worries. I’m glad I can be of help. LMK if you guys need anything else.

i wouldnt mind if u took down the old matchup thread, since i did a horrible job keeping up with everything and updating stuff. I think there was a new matchup thread around here, but I’m not sure.

Cosign on the matchup thread idea. I think a separate AEMAKOTO owned matchup thread would be wonderful. It’s pretty much the only thing missing here…