How can I help the Oni forums?

I can sticky/unsticky, move, merge, delete, and update threads. How can I help you guys?

You hAve made this thread in many sub forums without doing anything.

1. Edit the link in this post into the OP of the thread.

2. Rename the video thread by iamthatiam to something like “This is Your Demise!” Oni High Level Video Thread and edit the first post to show that it’s for high level play only.
3. Rename the video thread by silentboxer to something like “It Takes Practice to Fully Transcend Humanity” Oni General Video Thread to reflect its status as a general video thread.

organize the Matchup thread properly

We mods help behind the scene most of the time but I thought it’d be a good idea to get the Oni community involved for this. Is there a problem?

  1. What do you mean by “edit the link in this post into the OP of the thread”?
  2. Done.
  3. Done.

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to make a match-up thread and manage it for you guys. But we are always looking for active members from each character forums to contribute though : )

Is there anybody here willing to make and manage the Oni Match-up Thread?

I’m organizing the Match up thread. Give me 2 days and I will have it up. Its going to be character by character

Just paste the link into the first post. It links to Oni’s frame data.

Ok, so I unstickied “Oni Frame Data Thread” and stickied the new match-up thread made by silentboxer:

I’m sorry but can you be more specific? Do you mean paste the link of this thread into the 1st post of the stickied Oni’s Frame Data thread?

He means the link that links to Oni’s frame data. He quoted the link in his post. It’s the quote by HFX. The link in that quote should be in the 1st post of the frame data thread.

But do you have the power to move worlds?

Oh~ Ok, thx for clarifying. It’s been done.

Nope, but I can regulate trolls?