How can I help the Rose forums?



I can sticky/unsticky, move, merge, delete, and update threads. How can I help you guys?


Sticky: SSF4 AE Rose Match-up Thread
Thx =D


As of right now, the only thing that comes to mind is what BlueFalcon posted above. We need that stickied.


bring back u2,
give rose an overhead
general damage increase
better option selects


^ this and

give rose a real reversal
give ex st a little more invulnerability OR faster startup and less invulnerability so that it can actually be used as a legitimate wakeup. 4 frame ST.
make rose less ass. She’s just as bad as daigo and mago said she would be.

make it happen


Too much stuff, she would be top tier… and i like my low tier :>


Yeah, Imma be a bitch and complain that Rose doesn’t need to be top tier that can’t be safe jumped, has free wake up so they’d be scared to walk in and just be a total beast anywhere on the screen.

I’d rather have the factor of people being “oh Rose is so rare I have no idea how to play Rose I’m screwed”.




I was being sarcastic but i can’t tell if you are…lol


I know you were joking.

It was a joking joke remark (though it’s how I feel) right back at you ;).


mega lol :slight_smile:


Sorry for the lag guys. I’m managing other character subforums and the main SSF4 Board.

Done. What should I do about stickied “It’s in the cards: Rose Match-up Thread” and stickied “Rose Strategies and Match-ups”?

lol good one.

Sup Filipinoman?


Thanks a lot for the help, that’s perfectly understandable.

For the “It’s in the cards: Rose Match-up Thread”, maybe change that to “The Power of U2: Rose Super Match-Up Thread.” (Since it was made around the time of Super, and contains information of her match-ups in that iteration of the SF4 series).

For Rose Strategies and Match-Ups, that’s mostly meshed with old Vanilla and Super information, so I’m not too sure what to rename that or what to do with it.


No worries. Ok, I changed the name of the Super Rose Match-up Thread.

Should I unsticky the Rose Strategies and Match-ups thread?