How can I improve if


None of my real life friends play fighting games, I’m on PS3, online is really laggy, and the community here in Birmingham, Alabama consists of a group of 6 guys who only play amongst themeselves and make fun of new players and online warriors. (I know that last part because I’m on the Alabama FGC group on Facebook).

I might be buying a PC soon, so that’s one good thing. My Internet is the fastest you can get here, 50 down 20 up, and I have my console wired to my router. I honestly love fighting games and this one is so much fun to watch/play, but I can’t improve because of said reasons.

Any tips?
should I stop playing till I get a PC/Xbox?
Also, I love playing Chun, but im wondering if i should switch to a better character.


PSN is dim3r3553, in case anybody with good Internet wants to beat me a bunch of times :slight_smile:

  1. PC has a better netcode then XBL, and ESPECIALLY the PSN version of AE, so with that crazy ass connection you will have a lot of green bar fun. O_O
  2. Keep playing and practice for Ultra Street Fighter 4 in June. (assuming you’re getting it like most people are, even the “cool” ones that say they aren’t)
  3. Chun Li is a good character, even better in USF4 apparently.


Ok. I’ll just practice my combos till I get my PC. Then I’ll buy Ultra in June. Thanks a lot man.


Ultra SF4 for the PC won’t be available until August…


Yeah, you’re right, forgot.


I have a somewhat similar issue, albeit I’m on both PC and PS3 already, there is no local community that I know of, none of my friends will play with me at fighting games and my internet isn’t the best. But If I only stick to green bars it is playable, and I’m not losing all of the time when I select same skill, so there is some improvement, but I’d rather have some local people I can play regularly to help improve my game.


My advice? Get off PSN asap. PC/Xbox offer much better connections for AE (not offline quality, but still a drastic improvement). Offline is always preferable but if it’s not an option you just have to deal with what you’ve got. Xbox will offer you the largest pool of players and decent connections (and the xbox live fee), PC has the best connections but not as many players (and delayed releases on versions and patches) so the call on which to choose is up to you.

In regards to Chun… just play who you want. It’s better to pick a character you enjoy playing and have a feel for than to force yourself to play someone you hate and doesn’t suit your play style because #toptier.