How can I keep from getting corned?


After looking over a whole ass load of my vids, I find that I am always in the corner. Why Why WHY? And how can I stop this?
its like every time I hop back my opponent comes in, and takes more ground.
I hat to say so, but I think I am scared of something, but I dont know what.


Nuff said.


I have a suggestion to help teach you to not get cornered, when you play, try to command the middle and maintain about half screen distance from your opponent. The idea, is that you want to be far enough away, so that if your opponent jumps you can uppercut or whatever, if your opponent rolls you can throw him and if he stands there, you can move a little closer.

I noticed I would get cornered a lot when I first started playing, because I was constantly jumping around fowards and backwards trying to keep my opponent on his toes. This didn’t work though because any “space” that I would give him, he would gladly take. These days, I have more command of the match. I play Ryu, and I hate using DPs, because 9/10 I get punished for them. I like to roundhouse instead. If my opponent just stands away waiting for me to jump or rolls, I’ll get a little closer and just use basic quick moves to push the guy back. I’ll use FB and occassional hurricane kicks to mix it up.

The fact is man, you might do well if you decide to not do anything in the match except walking, blocking and basic moves. Give it a try. Decide to stay in the center of the level and punish anyone who tries to take it away. If they jump, anti air move, stand around waiting, use range effectively, if they roll, jump straight up and feed him a good combo or something. Remember, one throw from the middle is enough to get an opponent cornered. The level is big, but when you consider it, you have very little room for error defensively before you can get cornered.


You can’t get too antsy when you are cornered. The opponent KNOWS that they have the momentum in their favor, and since you have less space to work with they’ll know that you want to get out of the corner as quickly as possible. So they’ll expect the roll/jump and etc. Be patient, and play smart.

I have a friend that uses Vice. He’ll use her level 3 super to get out of a corner. You may laugh at it when you first think of it, but I’d like to see you laugh when he’s back on a roll and has his level three back by the time Vice is out of the picture.


Napalm Kid, Legendary Gokou, i have to agree with you both. Getting antsy was a big problem for me. Waiting to see what the other player was going to do was a huge problem. I hated to wait for my opponent to attack, so i would attack first and that would cause so many problems for me. When i would go to the defensive that is when they would attack and the game was pretty much over. I had to learn to wait and be patient and look for my next move or moves.

A lot of players have not learned that concept yet to being a effective player. The distance with certain moves and controlling space is key to winning and losing a match IMO.


Interestingly enough, when you actually try to control space, you gain a powerful insight for how the game is played.


Depends Obot, some characters are better at acting like “mountain men” that is, able to simply stand there and wait for a next move. Just a tip, for me, the best move that I’ve discovered recently is jumping straight up. See, like I mentioned earlier, you come to recognize that there is a space between two opponents that is sort of like neuteral ground. This space is often large enough for a single roll or a dash etc. It seems to me, that certain players get into a certain rythym. So if you anticipate a roll or dash or jump, jumping straight up essentially cuts off a lot of options if timed correctly. It seems to me that straight up jump moves have better priority then foward jumps or super jumps.


Ive noticed that too, i can stand there, wait for a jump in attempt, jump straight up, RH as ryu, and bam, theyre down, im still good, its also very good for if you want to hit a grounded crouch blocking opponent whos right next to you, jump straight up, rh, theyre hit, its hard to see coming.


majority of people would say that your at a disadvantage in the corner. For me when I get corner trapped it teaches me patience. Majority of players (at least in my area) will try to guard crush you and mixup a throw in there somewhere. Things i’ve noticed to avoid getting into the corner is to become more offensive. I know everybody mentioned controlling the center. I think it just comes with experience though. After a while you just learn how to space and dominate and get into the area you want too. When your forced into where you don’t want to be that’s where you get defensive or pull some crazy mixup. Don’t do something predictable like roll,jump,sometimes super. Be patient. Just like anywhere else on the screen make them play your game. If you just sit and wait they’ll get impatient. And you should have something waiting for them. Just things i see where I game. Hope this helps some.


you have that moment of invincibility as you are getting up, throwing out a jab dp gets the pressure off alot of the time. If you keep givng the opponent space so that you can maintain full screen distance (which is what i assume youre doing) theyll just keep taking it till youre in that corner. You need to learn to move forward, and push the opponent back through projectiles and such to maintain full screen distance (assuming thats what you want ):lol: .


Control your space by makeing them come to you . Fake moves,
(fireball) etc. Make them think that you don’t know what you are
doing . Think ahead to what they are going to do.
What groove are they in? What are there options ?
And just stay cool under all the pressure . Hope that helps


They are not going to be impatient with you in the corner. Its like saying if you are losing with like 5 seconds left that they will be impatient. Its a situation where they are in control and with control comes patience. Being in the corner allows them to attack you with many options - any hit you block takes down your guard, if you fall for a bait and try to roll/jump you lose life and are back in corner, if you cower too much you get thrown, sometimes there just are no options and you have to block.

And just being offensive when you cant control space will get you killed even faster. It leads to reckless attacking which is easily beaten by someone who knows how to control space. Always being aware of what the opponent can do and what you can do will help you from not getting cornered, as being pushed back is often the result of a mis-step in your game play.

Before you do any move you should be aware of your distances. If you walk forward are you entering their poking range… if you jump what anti airs can they do… if they jump can you anti air them… are they trying to bait a move so they can counter hit… if you throw out a poke are they in range to punish if you wiff…


or you could just roll out of the corner like i do.


Rolling a finesse thing, it’s good to roll through slow moves, like sweeps and and dragon punches and stuff. If you roll from the corner and your opponent just stands there, chances are, he’s gonna throw right back in. Also, if you try to roll after someone jumps you will get of the corner but perhaps at the cost of a combo.


Getting ‘corned’ is bad m’kay.

Stop running to corners is a good start.
Not getting hit is another.