How can I land my trained combos?

I am currently rank C and train my combos etc. But somehow I cannot connect them. I usually train combos like:

[]SRK FADC into Ultra
]c.MP, c.HP, HK.Tatsu
[]j.MK, c.LK, c.LP, c.HP, HK.Tatsu or HP.Hadoken
]c.LP, c.HP, HK.Tatsu or HP.Hadoken
In training mode I can land all of them about 90% of the time with plinking. But when it comes to real matches I cannot use them because one of the following things happens:

[]I get so focused on landing my combos that even bad players can beat me easily.
]I ignore everything and play zoning, footsies (c.MK, HP.Hadoken and Focus Attack) or very defensively (baiting moves).
[*]When I happen to connect my first strike I get so nervous that I mess up (timing or input).
I can only use my crossup setups on characters with wakeup specials > 4 frames (safe jumps).
The only combo I can pull of consistently is c.LP, c.LP, c.LP, c.HK because I have 3 hits to hit confirm.
Is there some trick to incorporate my trained combos?

Honestly sometimes you won’t land combos often.The most you get to land combos is when you are punishing,jumping in on wakeup or when guessing a fireball,or when using frame traps/OS teching.As for SRK FADC to U1 you can use that as mostly a punish or wakeup SRK FADC then if the SRK hits you go into U1.Also use focus crumples you get as an oppurtunity to land the most damaging combo you can which would usually be Solar Plexus,c.HP,HP SRK,but if you can’t do that consistently use something else. Combos aren’t the most important thing you need as a Ryu player,zoning and footsies are much more important so try not to stress too much over not being able to land combos,but also learn your oppurtunities to land them so you can take full advantage of every opening.

This is actually useful. I have been trying to land combo for a long time now. Yes, I land them on occasions but its been by either jumping (bad thing in SF) or Focus Attack (gets me killed or damage greatly reduced).

What character would be best to get used to combos that is very close to Ryu? And is it worth the effort or should I just stick to Ryu and deal with it?

I would say just stick to Ryu and train your combos in training,once you have gotten comfortable with one characters combos it is pretty universal and you can learn most other characters combos in a relatively short amount of time.

I can related to what your saying Ive been there too, being pretty good in training mode but being unable to perform in real match.
Personnaly I think the fastest way to improve is to accept defeat and try to land as many combos in match as you can. Focus
on 1 particular combo for like 20 match in a row. Forget about zoning and everything… just try to go up close and hit confirm and land combos.

The phase your expirementing is very normal and you will eventually break throw it with more experience.

Sorry if I feel a little bit harsh, but if you cannot land combos, while in the world you should consider them “trained”? I would say that one clear sympthom of the fact they’re totally “untrained” is your anxiety in doing them in real matches. Training mode is good for understanding timings, but training a combo means landing it on a real opponent, not just a dummy. As someone else said, you won’t do a lot of combos during a match. If you focus on just putting that combo, you’re not playing well. A combo is something that must be done when there is opportonity, it’s not the way you play SF. The hardest part of a combo is not knowing how to do it: it’s when to do it in the right moment. Think about it: many thinks that doing combos is the only way to be a better player. That’s absolutely not true. I’m B ranked and I’m really bad at doing combos. I just know the basic but I can do these basic in the right moment. Training monsters are not that good in real matches, in my opinion.

As a friend said, “Its not about how many combos you can land, but about tatics and mindgames.”

Another thing to weigh on it that online play will never = offline play. That includes the training room. You could pull off 90% in there on a dummy but most of them are situational combos like someone else pointed out. But you are leaving out one big component, the internet. No matter what kind of connection you have there is always some sort of lag. Noticeable or not.

It important to practice combo in a fluid environnement even in training room to bring that knowledge to real game.

For example lets say your practicing c.hp xx srk. Its easy to misleade ourselve and think we have mastery of this simple punish because
we can land it 100% on the dojo.

Take c.hp xx srk and start praticing every possible variation: walk foward in do it motion, walk backward and do it in motion, empty jump do it,
use short cut, do it from downback etc. The key is doing everything in motion as it replicate real game condition.

Bottom line when we cant land it in real game its a lack of experience and its also a lack of practice,even if we may get the fasle impression
that we get 100% execution done in dojo. When you get better you realise that 100% execution in dojo was in fact only the stepping stone.
You need to be able to do something at 1000% not 100% to have real mastery.

I was at the exact same place where you are now. I did well in training but haven’t got any knowledge of getting in.

First of all, > is something really great and it works even on mid range. I practiced landing the best combo for each situation against the CPU. Yes it is not the best enemy but the CPU performs diffrent with each character and so you can train your hitconfirm reflexes and diffrent combos in each situation and you will get a feeling for your range an which combo will work best. It helped me alot 2 years ago.

Sorry 4 my crappy english :smiley:

Good training exercice is to put the Dummy on Ramdom block and hit a

On hit, confirm into: xx ex fireball ( + ultra 1 in corner) xx Tatsu,

Over time I have leveled up and want to contribute. This is a small guide how you could improve.

Training mode:
[]Try to train only one combo at a time on a dummy with auto block. (eg. c.LP, c.HP, HP.Srk)
]Once you have a feeling for the combo try to alternate stuff. Try your combo -> wakeup -> Srk FADC Ultra -> wakeup -> Crossup combo. This way you force yourself to adapt your timings.
[]If you feel secure, try to punish different moves with your combo. (eg. use Cammy and record LK.Spiral and spam Cannon Spike). Block and punish with your combo. Alternate the recorded moves and characters.
]Do not question yourself. Think: I will land my combo for sure. Even if you fail this is better than doubting your abilities.
[]If you feel comfortable doing everything try to hit confirm. If your opponent blocks your c.LP try to switch HP.Srk with HP.Hdk (c.LP, c.HP, HP.Hdk) This way he cannot punish you.
]Try to hit training mode every day for about 10-30 minutes. It is better to train your combos 6 x 10 minutes than 1 x 1 hour.
[]Do not lie to yourself: Count how often you can execute a certain combo without failure. I consider a combo usable in fight if you can execute it 7-10 times in a row on a regular basis. In a fight your adrenalin will raise and your execution/timing will get worse.
Versus mode:
]Use a computer opponent to get a feeling for punishing.
[]The computer is no good on the long run, but consider this sparring instead of fighting.
]Try to block as much as possible and only punish with your trained combos or use cross ups.
[]Use custom constraints to make this fun. (e.g. no jumping or no fireballs or no anti air shoryuken during the whole game)
]WARNING: The computer will not adapt to your playing style. Real opponents will crush you if you do the same thing over and over. Once you are in a real fight just throw in grabs, overheads and random shoryuken.
New Combos:
[]Once you master a certain combos new ones are way easier to learn.
]Try simmilar stuff (e.g. c.MP, c.HP, HP.Tatsu)
Real Fights:
[]Try punishing with your combo, even if other options are easier to execute or do more damage. (e.g. If opponent wiffs HP.Srk, instead of Solarplexus, HP.Srk use your combo)
]If you miss your combo, consider it a success. Do not force yourself to make it right ASAP, because then you get predictable and also do not stop using it. Just throw it in once in a while.
[*]Even if you lose, do not go back to old bad habits.
Remember: You want to become better on the long run.

Other tips:
[]Try to sleep enough and do not train when you are tired
]Train only when you are sober
[]Do not get frustrated if you cannot execute your combos properly. Just try it again tomorrow.
]Try to measure your success against the same buddy in offline tournaments.
[*]It’s easier to land your combos in matchups you know by heart. (e.g. I am confident in Ryu vs. Juri, but I suck against Cammy)