How can I land Vega's ultra?



With Bison/Rufus etc, I can combo my way into an ultra.

With Ryu/sagat etc, I can send my opponent flying with an uppercut, then have an ultra waiting for them before they hit the ground.

But I’m having some serious difficulties landing Vega’s ultra… any tips guys?

aside from the basic things like “use your ultra just as they fire a hadoken” etc


uh …fyou dont combo into it other than FA lv 2-3. he isnt ryu or balrog. wow and as for your name the irony there you’d think… nevermind and you could simply asked in Q and A thread, but its ok. :tup:


vegas what?.. ultra???..uhhh…oh ya! that useless thing! nope no combo into it


I am of the opinion that is a hindrance to a Vega player to consider his ultra as useless. I hit people with it all the time.

Good set ups:
Ultra after throw tech (great against hasty opponents)
Focus Dash Ultra Buffer (see explanation, this is the best way to hit with your ultra)
Empty forward dash ultra (see explanation)
Certain moves being blocked in the corner
poorly spaced jump ins in the corner
Punishing full screen back dashes / forward dash / anything
Focus Crumple (you must connect with a focus, back dash immediately, and being your charge as soon as you back dash. this can miss if you’re timing is not proper. requires practice)

Here’s a write up I made about the focus das ultra buffer a while ago. I think more people should read this as its Vega’s no 1 way of hitting with ultra, and sets up mixups with Vega’s focus. (either you dash out + ultra, let it go + safe back dash, or safe back dash. considering the reach on Vega’s focus and how far he goes when he backdashes this is really useful to integrate into your positioning game)


Notice how whenever you use a focus attack on someone with any directional input character (like the Shotos, Zangief, etc.) and crumple them you can immediately use an ultra? Why shouldn’t the charge characters be able to use thisas well? Well thanks to SFIV’s lenient input system there is a way.

Normally if a shoto uses a focus, crumples, and ultras, it doesn’t really matter when they do it, unless they actually do it. A method implemented in SFIV for fast ultras, for example, Fei Long’s, is that you can input an ultra AS you dash, and as your dash is completing, finish whatever ultra command you are putting in, and will come out AS SOON AS you are done dashing. The reason I used Fei Long’s as an example is because his ultra is used SOLELY as a follow up to his godlike Focus attack. If Fei Long couldn’t use this trick (buffering the ultra through the dash), then certain cases would occur thanks to the second state of the crumpled state, which is when a character is at his / her knees. If you hit a character at this point, they are considered airborne and are reset. This is to encourage precision with input, otherwise it’d be pretty stupid if you could use a focus, run around, then use Fei Long’s ultra for a massive punch combo like you can use Dhalsim’s Super to pick people up from the ground. Because Fei Long can’t use his ultra on an opponent if he has waited to long after a connected focus, this buffering technique was put into the game to guarantee that every time a Fei Long crumples someone, he can hit confirm an ultra through a dash.

The reason I explain this is because this knowledge is crucial to understanding how to perform the charge buffer, because as charge characters have completely different inputs from directional input characters, the method works slightly differently. Now I’ll explain how to do it with Vega.

While Fei Long can hit confirm his ultra after a focus attack, characters can also perform ultras out of a cancelled focus, regardless of whether it hits or not. This can be used as a sort of feint; say you used your focus to absorb a projectile and you’re playing a poke-happy Sagat. You’ve focused through his projectile and you know he’s going to poke you once you get in… You can buffer the ultra through your dash, using the method I used above, and considering all Ultra’s have invincibility on startup (save Ryu, Dhalsim and maybe others) you’ll beat their poke and they’ll eat massive damage. This method can be used for Vega, but obviously since his Ultra is so awkward compared to the standard “I stand here and do something” Ultra, you have to learn to set it up in different ways.

So the technique is this; begin a charge, and shortly thereafter, focus. Keep charging as you begin the focus wind up. The key is to be very precise with your inputs; you want to charge bottom-left / right and immediately dash, without pressing any other directions inbetween and without being too slow. The reason you need to charge before the focus is because this is how Charge characters perform the same technique as I described Fei Long as being able to do. While for Fei Long you buffer a simple double qcf, you need to buffer a charge with chargers. So now that you’ve charged and dash cancelled, you now need to perform the trickiest part, which is finishing the ultra during the dash. So you’ve already stored your down-back charge coming into your dash; so now what you have to do is finish the rest of the ultra motion, which is NOT including the down back, down, down forward part** you can begin the rest of the ultra motion starting at down right; so now all you need to do is pretty much input Fei Long’s chicken wing attack, as if you were on the opposite side. So DURING your dash, you need to input

:df::d::db::l::ub: :3k:

During the dash, begin the ultra motion, and finish the motion just as your dash finishes. If performed correctly, you will jump to the wall IMMEDIATELY after your dash. What this looks like to an opponent is you just focussing through another fireball, which could be commonplace… so naturally, they’ll shoot another. Most opponents wouldn’t possibly think of the fact that you can ultra since you’ve lost your charge, as it appears to look, but thankfully that’s just something people don’t know yet.

So I did type alot but I think, since this is IMO an advanced technique, explaining how I came to understand it would help you guys to understand it too.

So here’s the input for the tl;dr forum-goers:

Charge :db: ( you don’t need to charge for the full time before you do your focus; you can continue charging during the windup)
:r::r: (you can dash at any point, as long as immediately before your dash you were still charging)
:df::d::db::l::ub: :3k: (this needs to be done in succession with your dash; the timing to be specific is for a forward dash, 20 frames, and back dash, 22 frames, so you need to do this in two thirds of a second)

Anyway yeah, long post, but this is a complicated technique.

As far as the empty forward dash ultra buffer is concerned, it is much harder than the focus version as it’s the same thing but without the timing crutch using a focus provides you. You need to charge, return to neutral and forward dash without A) pressing any other buttons and B) in a split second really, then during your dash you do the half circle from df to ub as you normally would. This is very hard but great to perform if someone is aware of the potential you have to use your ultra out of a focus. Once again great for positioning game as a lot of times people dash at the same time you do, but you can punish theirs and they can’t.

I’m trying to figure out if you can do the same technique as above but with a backdash. At this point in time I have yet to ever get it to work, and I really thought I had my input nailed sometimes. It might be impossible.


lets not get into another ultra debate! botom line is you cant combo into it for shit…worst in the game hands down!



Not a debate. If you think it’s the worst in the game, then great. Your Vega will remain where he stands now.


whos is worse and why?


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seriously just use it as a reversal to certain moves, whiffed hp/hk/special by others, FA crumple, or as a punishment, its a punishment move, meant to punish people for throwing shit out when they really shouldnt.

its crap but its 450+ damage for free when you learn to punish even the smallest mistake.


^ are you fucking kidding me?? im not fucking retarded! i know how and when to use it!! and you just described pretty much EVERY characters ultra ther! every ultra is a fucking punishment move dummy!..i asked whos was worse and why!..i have thought its the worst ultra since the game came out! hardest to do, barely have a chance to land it, no invincible frames, cant combo into it even from moves that you should damn well easily be able to…the list goes on and on! i dont thinks its useless just terrible compared to everyone else


but the diffrence is that you can punish things that others cant its harder but its more conventional with Vega beccause it takes 1-2 frames. As for hardest i have a harder time doing qcm on the 2 player side than doing Vega’s ultra. please dont take as a insult i did not mean to imply that you are retarded you just said that its useless, and i think other wise. setting it up isnt hard because its not a threat to most and that makes it that much easier to. but take it with a grain of salt really its all just advice and in the end what matters is how you feel you should use it.


i hear all sorts of ppl complaining about execution problems for vegas ultra and never any other character (aside from stupid qcf shortcut problems)…anyway all that aside…who has a worse ultra?..taking into acount the damage output, difficulty of execution, startup frames, ability to combo, chip damage…i always figured this was a pretty easy answer


it depends. if your playing dhalsim and on top of him and he ultra’s simply grab. Honda because even as a AA its unreliable and if it lands its not omfg. Seth is garbage because if you combo into it wow look at the damage:rofl: and even if you dont :rofl:, and sakura because the damage is pathetic as well, and fei because it sends you flying instead of hitting you.

edit : still doesnt mean they are bad, but just because its combo freindly doesnt make it good.


This is retarded. You have a tool and you don’t want to use it? Fine by me. There are things Vega’s ultra can punish, as I explained, but you obviously don’t care to know. Suit yourself.


^ again i DO know how to use the fucking thing! and i use it all the time!! i use every move vega has! i said it was worthless in the sense that it cant combo…i still think it just sucks compared to everyone else…and ped, i said taking ALL factors of the ultra into acount…not just combo potential…you still think vegas is better than those you mentioned??..lets say we are talking about high level players…you think the hondas seths and sakuras are landing and using ther ultras LESS than the high level vegas?


Wow, a lot of useless replies from people who are convinced Vega’s ultra is worthless.

Anyways, Thanks Jozhear. :slight_smile:

PS: I saw an excellent youtube clip that showed Ken doing a failed uppercut on vega (meaning vega blocked it) then Vega used the FA , backdashed and used his ultra. AWESOME


Nice post Jozhear, I was seriously just about to search for this tech, but you saved me the trouble. Much appreciated.
EDIT: also, there is another way that nobody mentioned, you can wait for the time to run out then throw it at the last second. It’s sure fire!


Out of all the High level Honda ive only seen it as a punishment, or AA and when used as a AA it doesnt hit all the time.

for Sakura the Sabr3 dude used it in combo’s but the scaling made it a joke in fact he wouldnt use it just to stun and would opt it out for more mix up shenanigans.

As for Seth’s the Sabin vids. Look at the damage its equivalent to a izuna drop if combo’d into.

But i cant answer your question about who uses it more, because they are only 2 high level Vega’s that i hear of a lot. Makoto, and Tatsu. One day though… one day there will be 3 top players and the guy will be…sigh nevermind.


It’s not about whose is worse or better. What does it matter? Each ultra adds a lot to each character, and Vega is no exception. Once you figure out its properties is as useful as anybody else’s ultra.


^^^ If there ever is/was/will be a third, it ain’t you. Trust me :wink:

This sub-forum is becoming a huge joke. Why do you guys think Tatsu doesn’t bother posting here anymore? Him and I just read this garbage and laugh.


If you’re going to post theories or match-up opinions or whatever, you need the credibility to back up your claims. If you don’t have a video of you proving whichever tactic, then stfu. Yes pedoviejo, this is mainly directed towards you, and the others who follow that same particular posting pattern.

There’s a whole lot that most of you scrubs still don’t understand: If you aren’t a top player, or have videos to give you some base of credibility, then nobody wants to hear what you have to say. The only people around this sub-forum nowadays who can give advice WITHOUT having on-hand evidence to back their claims are:

  1. Me
  2. Tatsu
  3. Sasaki

Sorry to hurt anyone’s ego, but Tatsu and I have proven ourselves time and again in both casual and tournament play (Tatsu just won a 2v2 at Denjin Arcade btw!). And since we have that credibility, it’s pretty much a given that whatever we say is more than likely to be true. But, it’s not like we just came out of nowhere to throw in our 2 cents. We busted our asses (for almost a year now) to take Vega to a point that nobody else in the US has/had. We get high quality matches out, against some of the best in the country, on a consistent basis.

Pedoviejo, what the FUCK have you done? … Nothing, right? So next time you want to throw in your 2 cents about something, try posting up a video behind it to confirm validity. Dude, you think you can just run around these sub-forums, saying whatever the fuck you want, and that nobody was going to catch on to some of the bullshit you said? Every point of advice you’ve offered has either been A) something we’ve already discussed, or B) total bullshit. (please don’t try to bluff and put me through the arduous task of citing every example, because I will, and I’ll be way more upset once I do)

Before I trained Tatsu to carry out the Vega legacy, I wrote the fucking book on him. So don’t think you can pass over your garbage on me.



wow you’re funny i guess some one shoved it up your ass. but its ok. go back and play 3rd strike dick weed. seriously “I wrote the book, blah, blah, blah” please take that shit out of here you think that hurt me if you really think than wow continue to amuse me. As far as im concerned only 1 person can write that book and thats makoto so yeah dont think your him so i could care less. so yeah fuck you and your elitist attitude ass. really. talking to the wrong guy here about that. but please respond to this reply and continue to amuse me really. Keep up the great work.